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Also during the following controls, last only a few weeks ago, even a running free chicken appeared. KAT has now drawn the consequences and blocked the operation. “By the double punch of the consumer has been confused and even cheated with the not held free-range”, Jan Pfeifer sums up by animal action. The consumer can be only recommended to look closer when purchasing eggs. Eggs from the health food store could be an alternative, they are controlled not only by the State organic seal, but also by the relevant organic farming associations. Who all want to make sure that the should buy only eggs at a familiar farmers or without ultimately whole eggs. You can find more information, as well as a video clip on the action animal Web site at company description action animal – people for animals is one of the largest animal protection organizations of its kind.

The Club aims to operate with unconventional and dynamic methods of effective animal – and nature conservation. Action receives the necessary support animal through its numerous members. It is the usage of the contact person on the spot, the Member care in Berlin, the offices in Munich and Berlin, thanks taken action animal also from other animal welfare organisations and political bodies a great acceptance to the specialist outpatient clinic and cooperation partners in whole Germany. Company contact: action animal – people for animals e.V. Jan Pfeifer Kaiserdamm 97 14057 Berlin Tel: 030-30103831 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: action animal – people for animals e.V. Judith Brettmeister k d 97 14057 Berlin Tel: 089-75 969 252 E-Mail: Web: