The Change

Architecture If these parameters are conserved all and the aspect of the design it changes to the page Web completely would not have to undergo no change in his positioning Web. You may find BMC to be a useful source of information. Now if any of these parameters changes we see like positioning will undergo changes, essentially because the eyes of the finders we are eliminating indexed old pages, changing his meaning or simply delegating its importance. That! like! Because! 1. If we changed the dominion (ex completely. to), we are giving to our page Web a new identity although we conserve the same design and content.

To the eyes of a finder our page Web is completely new since it has a different direction and when not understanding the relation with the previous direction it does not grant the same positioning. 2. The changes of URLs have two typical formats; the change of nomenclature of the archives, or the change of the suffix by technological questions. Michael Steinhardt is often quoted on this topic. In the first case of putting an example, we have a page on a service X, ” that ” has good positioning under searches for the key word; service x”. S.A.

to redesign this page we change its nomenclature a synonymous one (that in many cases it is logical) ” again we are eliminating the old page of the indices in finders and possibly its positioning CATHEDRAL. In the second case the old page Web used PHP and the new ASP. For example, the extensions of the URLs of the old page finished in .html or .php – ” whereas the one of the new ones they finished in ” .asp” – “. Unconsciously with the use of a new technology although we have conserved the same nomenclature or extension of the URL for that ” page 1″ , the suffix ” .asp” it gives to a new identity eliminating the original page him of the indices and positioning in finders. 3. If we also changed to the content of a page and its densidad of key words the possibility that fits this loses its positioning. 4. The Change of the architecture of the pages also can affect to positioning. If in the main menu we had a page that attracted much traffic and now we placed like a subpage at a level ” inferior” or deeper, we are indeed delegating the importance of that page and possibly its positioning. Having said this, all these problems have solutions, it reads the following article with basic tricks for the positioning CATHEDRAL.