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Operating Rules Of Rowing And Motor Boats

gift Udora site warns about the proper use of propeller and engine Boat rowing and motor boats (boats) – one of the favorite recreation of many people, especially children. But always remember that driving on any floating facilities require strict compliance with rules and security measures, violation of which can lead to accidents. Before heading out on a rubber or a rowboat for a walk or journey, we must make sure that the case does not pass water, oars and oarlocks operable, it should be life saving equipment and scoop for water pumping. Security measures for possible dangerous situations: – when landing in a boat or stand on the deck and seating – while driving put his hands over the side – do not overload the boat – not to sit on boards, do not move from place to place and change to other boats and boats – not to dive from a boat; – not to take a child under 7 years old – can not use the boat for children up to age 16 without adult supervision – you can not swim at night and in fog, because you can not see obstacles, losing orientation, "not to ride near the locks, dams, stop in the immediate vicinity of the bridge or under them, to cross the course of walking the ship. When passing a boat beaches and places of mass bathing on the row to be especially careful not to hit a paddle, or bathing not collide with it. You always have to remember that the weather is changing waters relatively quickly.

In a short period of time when severe storms can change the wave regime. With great excitement to the boat's nose "to cut wave. Can not be put aboard the twin wave, because boat in such a situation can not just lurch, but also capsize. If you witness an accident, try to first quickly review the situation, so that your help was fast and efficient. Approach to drowning in good weather to the shortest path. By wind or agitation should be approached from the leeward side of or against the wave.

With direct approximation to the drowning should be particularly careful not to hit him with an oar or housing. To lift the victim out of the water is recommended to the nose or stern (otherwise you can roll over). Everyone should know adopted by the courts procedure for notifying the fall of man overboard – serve three beeps lasting from 4 to 6 seconds. Riding on motor boats (boats) children are permitted only under the supervision of adults. To use a motorized boats and motor boats are allowed persons who have special rights to independently manage boats. During their operation and "rules", and security measures are mostly similar, as when riding a paddle boats. However, it must be remembered that due to the high rate of movement of the number of accidents in a collision with them much longer, and typical violations of safety measures and rules of operation are: – float on proper vessel – the excess of the norms of passenger and cargo capacity – navigating life and status of configuration – management in a drunken state – the presence on board a passenger in a drunken state – transportation of children under 16 years old without adult supervision, constantly controlling their behavior.