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Skin And Hair Issues

It is red, covered with spots, becomes dry and inflamed. Another unpleasant effect – ingrown hairs under the skin. Finally, this method requires a large amount of time (eg once in 1-2 days), and so is anything missing. Tweezers in the studio! Plucking with tweezers – an effective way to get rid of the hair. But very briefly. It takes a very long time and is suitable, perhaps, only to adjust shape of eyebrows. In other areas it's just painful. Wax them with wax! Hair removal by resins, waxes (cold, warm or hot) or a thick mixture of sugar a la candy – an effective method of removing large amounts of hair at once.

But – a very painful because the hair just pulled from the follicle. New hairs grow it does not interfere. Ruthless In the depilatory creams, depilatory use "explosive" mixture of chemicals that literally dissolves the hair. The main problem – annoyance skin that occurs due to destruction of skin cells. In this case, the follicle is not damaged and the hair will still grow.

In addition, after such a procedure can be applied not only alcohol-containing means, and soap. And when you try to remove, for example, "antennae" with the cream more delicate facial skin can get very inflamed. So it is better not to risk it. Magic machine, plus a few. Enough once to spend on the device and sometimes buy funds "Before" and "after" shaving. After removal elektrodepilyatorom hairs do not grow, at least 1,5-2 weeks as "removed" from the follicle with its root.


Retention cysts in the operation of small cysts vagina performed under local anesthesia 2% lidocaine. At the same time is cut by a laser beam cyst wall is removed and its contents is held laser coagulation of the cyst wall. Eliot Horowitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Genital warts and papillomas of the vulva and perianal area. Genital warts and papilloma of the vulva and perianal region are removed under the supervision of a colposcope, as most papillomas are not visible without magnification. Special gynecological nozzle used vehicles are not required, because ordinary devices allow for the locality and the accuracy degradation. Papillomas and warts are removed by coagulation of the base with a capacity of 5.7 W cw, or by vaporization of a beam with a similar capacity.

The impact is tangential to the mucosal surface or skin. With the vast expansion operation is carried out at 3-4 in subsequent menstrual cycles. When you remove large warts, the material sent to histological study. Vulva healing after laser removal of warts and warts painless and is completed within 2 weeks of non-cosmetic defects. Laser wounds of the the area recommended to treat an alcoholic solution brilliant green, and other similar antiseptic action in the first five days. Laser methods for abdominal operations in gynecology reduce the time intervention, simplify techniques, reduce bleeding from the wound and promote rapid wound healing with the formation of a tender scar no septic complications and gemoragicheskih.

Amputation and hysterectomy. After standard laparotomy and ligation of large vessels, krovos- uterus, the laser radiation is used at the cut-off of the uterus in its amputation or extirpation. After mobilization of the uterus and appendages of the uterus is cut off by a laser beam. The light guide is directed perpendicular to the cut-off body. After the cut-off is obtained sterile surface, with good hemostasis, absence of overhanging edges that facilitates and speeds up the next phase peritonization wound surface. In addition, when the operation is completed, it handles the parietal peritoneum of the pelvic laser power of 15 watts, sterilizes the wound and prevents lymphorrhea and hemorrhages. Operation ends standard suturing the abdominal cavity. When resection of the ovary resection of ovarian or fallopian tube removal using special laser grips, which are superimposed on the lines proposed resection of the body. With the help of the optical fiber contact and continuous radiation is cut off parts of the ovary or fallopian tube. In subsequently imposed provisionally sutures through the cut-off for the prevention of bleeding. This ensures absolute safety and sterility performed hemostatic intervention. Similarly produced removal of cysts, cysts and other pathological entities ovary. Myomectomy in palliative or conservative myomectomy laser beam used to cut off myoma nodules or evaporation of small subserous nodes. Endometriosis In endometriosis the laser beam is used for the evaporation of endo- cysts of small size, or for processing large cyst bed after its removal to prevent recurrence septic complications and better hemostasis.

Perfect Figure – A Dream Or Reality ?

A woman at a time can do many things. Everyone knows that. However, not everyone knows that, in addition to its "core" cases, the woman at the same time thinks another, at least about four important things: how to feed a family, where to get money, how to do everything and how it look good. Women have achieved equality with men. In this regard, form new ideas about what should be a woman. It is sad, but the old stereotypes about women's homemaking still maintain their strong positions, but with them on one level there are new stereotypes: the woman should have time to deal with everything. That is now difficult to justify a woman which does not work without a weighty reason.

On equal terms – both equally! Defended their right to work, so please come running, but only, please, in full force. And no one is interested in that women still have do all that before: keep the house clean and in order to care for children, cooking, washing and even hundreds of different cases that need a lot of strength. Of course, the high-level deal with all at once – very difficult. But women cope! True, at times, not caring about their health, or, perhaps, in the very limited extent. And, of course, on what to do themselves – to be treated, go to spas, massage rooms, solarium, beauty beauty, gyms or fitness clubs – all that women often do not have neither the time nor the energy. A flawless look like always.

Plastic Surgery In Different Countries

France (and in particular, Paris) – is the biggest market for plastic surgery. Now doctors have twice as many customers than it was 10 years ago. Modern anesthesia allows patients after most operations on the same day get on their feet and the next day – quietly shopping. In the world there are three main schools of plastic surgery abroad: the French – is aimed at rejuvenation. For the French beauty – it means youth.

French surgeons are renowned aesthetic sense of proportion and taste. The most important thing for them – natural, therefore, to pull the skin on your face or too full lips are considered bad form. French surgeon would never make it anything that would look unnatural. In France, get a degree in plastic surgery is very difficult. Education takes seven years. Then five years to learn the general surgeon and three – on the plastic. After training, before you operate on patients who need a few years working in public hospitals.

Only those having undergone the practice, may engage in aesthetic medicine. In America, very common change in appearance, but not to rejuvenate or eliminate defects and to meet certain standards. Unlike the French, Americans are sometimes too hard: they can "win" a person with lifting and without objections do patients unnaturally huge breasts. However, the undoubted advantage of the American aesthetic surgery – a very strict state control over the doctors, the world's best equipment and high technology operations. In Brazil, the patients unique needs. In this country prevails the cult of the body and can often find 50-year-old woman, whose figure – like a 30-year, and an aging face are not interested: the main thing – it's tightened buttocks and slim waist, as in Brazil wear revealing clothes. Therefore, the work of Brazilian surgeons fine not call it quite a bit of work with a person.