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Jesus Christ

' ' the Verb if made meat, and inhabited between ns.' ' (id.v.14). It, ' ' subsistindo in form of God, the one did not consider the equal being the God thing that if had to grasp, but emptied it exactly itself, taking the servant form, becoming similar the men; e, found in the man form, was humiliated it itself, having become exactly obedient until the death, and death of cruz.' ' (Fl.2: 6-8). To deepen your understanding Dove Soap is the source. ' ' For what it agreed that in everything irmos&#039 was made similar its; ' (Hb.2: 17). The Humanizao de Jesus, as we finish to see, became it similar we, except the sin, therefore, as well as us, in everything It was attemped, but without sin (Hb.4: 15). For more information see IBM. Why Jesus humanizou itself? ' ' Because God loved the world in such way that he gave its Unignito Son, so that all that one that in it believes does not perish, but has the Eterna.&#039 Life; ' (Jo.3: 16) It humanizou because God loved in them in such way, so great amplido, so infinite dimension, gave that it, it delivered that it, to die in our place. It came to carry through, in the cross, Sacrifice Salvfico and Vicrio. Salvfico, because It is Salvador (Mt.1: 21; Jo.4: 42; At.4: 12); vicarious e, because its Sacrifice is a Sacrifice Substitute, that is, Jesus Christ made our times, substituting us in the cross: ' ' That one that not even its proper Son saved, before delivered for all ns.&#039 to it; ' (Rm.8: 32) Jesus Christ is the Agnus Dei, the Anho de Deus, ' ' the Lamb of God, who takes off the sin of mundo.' ' (Jo.1: 29,36). It ' ' it came to search and to save what perdido.&#039 was had; ' (Lc.19: 10). ' ' Christ died for our sins, according to Escrituras.' ' (1Co.15: 3).

The Love Of The Father

WE SWIM WE CAN SEPARATE OF THE LOVE DE CHRIST! Our important bad security and confidence that we can have and this: ' ' WE ARE REACHED BY THE LOVE THE HOLY GHOST, AND THIS LOVE WE JOINED &#039 DEFINITIVELY; ' JESUS ' '. — The father does not abandon nobody! Proper it affirmed that one that the father it of, this goes it; who it never is launched outside. God we love above all, nothing in the world we move away to you from the Christ love. The times the enemy fight against our mind, making we to believe that GOD abandons that one that its will does not follow (this not and truth) all those that if to repent and to ask for to pardon will pardon it to GOD. If we move away from on account proper it and; What we have that to make is to immediately come back the presence of the King Dos Reis and to feel again its love GOD BLESSES IN THEM! Sandra Sampaio Dos Santos

When We Suffer, Where He Is God

To praise the God when everything is well, this and easy thing. But when the provaes and difficulties appear of the life, frequent we ask: Where he is God? As and difficult to feel the presence of God when the things go badly, when we suffer He himself said in S. Joo 16:33: ' ' in the world you will have afflictions, tends good nimo' '. How to understand this? As to understand what the salmista says in the Salmo 91:10 ' ' none badly will succeed nor plague to you some will arrive yours tenda' '? They are wonderful promises, but as to understand them, if the merciful Christian passes for as many problems and provaes in the life? Perhaps you think: I do not feel the presence of God nor when the things go well. In the truth, God does not depend on our feelings to be to our side, but nor always we obtain to enxergar Its Step, mainly when the doors if close in our front. Perhaps God not in free of some difficulty or provao, but if to allow, It will make in them to open the agreement in order to perceive Its presence, exactly during the storm.

This perception is important because beyond adding maturity spiritual, it will take in to prevent them undesirable stress of the quotidiano. This and abstract and could not be a reality in its day-day, after you to understand the reflection of today. – God did not exempt the friends of Daniel of the burning hot furnace, but he was there with them inside of the furnace. – God did not exempt the Daniel of the hollow of the lions, but he was there next to it, closing the mouth of those feras hungry. – God did not exempt Jose of being played in that ftido well, he lead but it to the palace of Fara.

The Power Of The Church That However

The conjunct is the tool most important of the Christian. Through the conjunct we keep contact with the creator through Jesus, with the aid of the Espirito Santo, therefore we do not know to pray as it agrees. Mr. Michael Wirth contains valuable tech resources. considers it Jesus as to have of the Christian and must be folloied of perseverance, said Jesus: you pray without ceasing. When into the Getsemani when agoniar itself because its hour arrived its sweat if transformed into blood drops, to the o to look for the disciples so that they could also pray, found them sleeping, and Jesus said to them: pods not to watch one hour alone with me.

We understand that this is the minimum time that the Christian must keep as he disciplines to come close itself to God through the conjunct. The fact is that with the advance of the technology, as the globalization and as many entertainments that in the assedia, we finish for neglecting it and we allow that our time is stolen resulting in frieza spiritual and consequence removal of God. The current Church must return to the principles of the primitive church, church that won the adversities through the conjunct. Through it God sent the aid in the memento whom they needed, was by means of the conjunct that the believers were baptized with the Espirito Santo, and increased day the day the number of them hugged the faith, and above all he was in the force of the conjunct that we had the chance to know evangelho, because if the old people did not pray evangelho would not have fond we. Praying they had supported the tortures, the persecutions, the whips, the injuries and the martyrdoms, therefore the arao has the purpose to fortify our faith.

Theological Implications

The agreement of the mission concept can vary between os/as telogos/as. Throughout the history of the Church the mission had some meanings. However, for the majority of the Christians, mainly for the heirs of ' ' evangelicalismo' ' *, the term mission generally has been interpreted as an action of the Church in the world. A dichotomy is cultivated Church/World, being that in this in case that, the world would be the symbol of what he is ' ' falso' ' or ' ' profano' ' , whereas the Church, in contrast of the world, would represent a species of ' ' model/exemplo' ' to be followed by all those that are of the world **. Educate yourself with thoughts from CVX. Thus, in this perspective, alguns/as telogos/as, over all of line conservative, understands that one of the tasks of the church in relation to the world is the evangelizao ***. For many Christians, the term mission estimates somebody that is commissioner or sent by some authority to execute one definitive task.

Of this form, as many catholics how much protestant, they costumam to attribute the God decision of choice of that one /a missionrio/a that he is enviado/a to the field. God gives credit itself that, of some form ' ' sobrenatural' ' , he convokes its/its ' ' escolhidos/as' ' preparing them for one determined mission. Still today, the majority of the protestant churches, in special the evanglicas churches, defines mission with the following characteristics: the 1) sending of missionrios/as to a specific territory; the 2) activities undertaken for such missionrios/as; 3) the geographic area where os/as missionrios/as acts; 4) the agency that forwards os/as missionrios/as; 5) the world not-Christian or the field of mission; 6) the conversion of the heathen ones, etc ****. In this way, one understands that God wants to save ' ' perdidos' ' that, for this, it commissions people for the evangelizao.

Internet Colloquy

12 ‘ ‘ Still he had many things to write that you; it did not want to make it with paper and ink, therefore I wait to go to have with you, and we will talk of alive voice, so that our joy is completa’ ‘. Start of namoro is very characteristic cartinhas, the long colloquies, hours of telephone, the romances most current, still counts on Internet, messages for the cellular one. However, passing of the time, it seems that we lose these habits, we are more objective and when it has some colloquy if not to take care of finishes in confusion. However, the communication is a resource very important it human being! the tool more effective for the communication is the colloquy, already it says the dictated one: ‘ ‘ talking people if entende’ ‘. Three types of colloquy exist: 1.Conversa with the Other; 2.Conversa with God; 3.Conversa with I; We go to dive in this dialogue of colloquies and, to discover if we are not needing to talk more. TALKING WITH the OTHER the colloquy it happens in two ways, first: you say and I I listen, and second: ‘ ‘ I listen to and you fala’ ‘.

If the two people to speak at the same time, are not colloquy are confusion. To speak and to hear are not agreed if they will not be organizadamente. 1.Voc needs to learn to speak and to hear. Many people are excellent to speak, but pssimas to hear. Others are excellent to hear, but they possess great difficulty to speak.

The colloquy is something extremely healthful e, is of utmost importance you to talk with the people. Many people from fear of if displaying live silenced e, do not talk on what they are living. In the Colloquy with the other three basic points exist: ) The relief: You have asked for to the God a friend to relieve, to say of its hurts and pains.