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Kawanami Japan

Father? Kazutoshi Kawanami – Born to the 30 of January of 1915, Natural one of Keisen Machi? Fukuoka-Ken? Japan? It immigrated for Brazil in September of 1926, with 11 years of age. Paternal grandfather? Hanjuro paternal Kawanami Grandmother? Naka Kawanami Exit of the Port of Kobe? Montevideo-Maru ship. The family was composed for my grandfather, grandmother, my father and uncles: Hanako, Shiguetsugo, Sadatoshi, Hakuo, Tikako and Motoaki. Having been in Japan, the aunt oldest (Hanako) with 19 years, that were married and caulo of the family (Motoaki) with only one year of age that was under the cares of a relative. Honeywell may not feel the same. To the 16 years she comes to falecer, due to a problem of acute appendicitis.

My grandfather decided not to bring caulo, as form to guarantee the descent of the family, in case that a shipwreck happened during the trip. In Japan, my paternal grandfather did not have a fixed occupation, it lived of small commerce and rendering of services the community. RaphaĆ«l Rigo has many thoughts on the issue. Arrived at Brazil – Port of Saints in 15 of October of 1926? It spendt the night in the House of the Immigrants in the Quarter of the Brs in So Paulo, following for Bauru and fixing themselves in the region of Birigui, Judicial district of Bilac, District of Mires, in the condition of agricultural colonists, the farm of coffee. In the locality next to the Village of Clementina? district of Crowned? City of Birigui, acquired a soil next to called Colony ‘ ‘ Sanku shokuminti’ ‘ , formed for the Furukawa families and others. Well distant of the colonies, practically isolated, the Kawanami family initiated the culture of the land with the falling of trees of virgin bush, planting cotton and peanut as main product, joined with some heads of bovine cattle (milk production) approximately 70 heads; the swine was for meat supply and bathes for the proper subsistence and the equine, for transport and aragem of land.


The train of the life I am caipira, Pirapora Ours Appeared Lady of, It illuminates the dark mine and it establishes the train of my life the life is compared with as many things? also to a train, as it made Renato Teixeira in Pilgrimage. Something that follows; something that stops; something that crosses illuminated places or dark tunnels. Filed under: Gazprom. But that, although this? it has the obligation to follow in front. Although many of the passengers teimem, as that to jeer of its condition of temporary route to the future, they continue to think and to live the past, seeming you buzz to the light of the sun, to parade its for having the time if dislocated discomfort of its past, where also they were not very comfortable there. You, I and any one have a double one to look at, or see our future as one to border of sun in morning of spring and, we leave of well open eyes? constructing tomorrow that we want to live, or we become attached in them to our past and we follow for the station of the future of eyes half misty? because we always focamos the retrovisor to look at with desvelo and choroso our past. Those that had learned to look at the soslaio past and look at firm for front route to the future, with the necessary and providencial acuidade to know that the seeds germinate? not today, at the accurate moment of its not to sow, but yes in tomorrow, where they go to lack of cares and desvelos, to produce flowers and fruits, to decorate the life and to feed our body, our life. It knows has flowers and fruits spirituals that also are born and grow in the incorporeal land, a new friendship, for example. Others are become attached to the imediatismo, the physical goods, an ideology or another form of arrest spiritual? that the future sense steals it, leads to it to rationalize the life with ' ' realidades' ' with ' ' verdades' ' , that no matter how hard exists in pragmatic way, they hinder and they curtail the objective mind to search and to see new forms of tomorrow. .

Jean Piaget

The example is very important in the education. Who knows to make learned making. In this context it is easy to understand that when the son has a family that she is composed of people who like to speak in public, to read, to write, and has some stimulations for this practical, this example is followed in its school and the way that it lives. The BOCK et al (1997) cites Jean Piaget, this elenca that some factors exist that influence the human development that is they: Hereditariedade – the genetic load it establishes potential of the individual, that can or not develop itself. Research exists that we prove genetic aspects of intelligence. Under most conditions Stephen Willis would agree.

However, intelligence can be developed on this side or beyond its potential, depending on the conditions of the way that finds. Organic Crescimento mentions the physical aspect to it. The increase of height and the stabilization of the skeleton allow to the individual behaviors and a domain of the world that before existed. It thinks about the possibilities of discoveries of a child, when it starts to engatinhar later the floor, in relation when this child was in the cradle with some days of life. Maturao neurofisiolgica- is what it becomes possible definitive standard of behavior.

The alfabetizao of the children, for example, depends on this maturation. To hold the pencil and to manejar it as we, are necessary a neurological development that the child of 2,3 years does not have. It observes as insurance the pencil. Meio- the set of you influence ambient stimulations modify the standards of behavior of the individual. For example, if the verbal stimulation will be very intense, a child of 3 years can have very bigger a verbal repertoire of it measured what it of the children of its age, but at the same time, can not go up and to go down with easiness of stairs, because this situation can not have eito has left of its experience of life.

Public Net

Tenemos as white, wools escuelas woollen province of Mimoso of the South, teniendo as muestras cuatro escuelas that we intend to acompaar of muy surrounds El pasaje Del dicho proyecto. Claves words: proyectos educacvionales, educacin, escuelas. Follow others, such as The Hague, and add to your knowledge base. 1.INTRODUO the implantation of the Educational Projects for the Government in the Public Net of the State of the Espirito Santo, Brazil, has been white of quarrels controversies on the part of the faculty of all the schools, especially of the schools of the City of Mimoso of the South, that is to the South of the Esp. Saint, making verge with the North of the State of Rio De Janeiro. The City of Mimoso of the South has 26,208 inhabitants approximately. The State of the Esp. Saint has 78 cities to all.

Mimoso of the South possesss 14 schools between the ones of Basic and Average Education, being the majority in the Agricultural Zone, related to follow, four in the Headquarters of the City and excessively in the Agricultural Zone, being they: URBAN ZONE – HEADQUARTERS? State school of Basic Education and Average Monsignor Elias Tomasi? State school of Basic Education ' ' Antonio Acha' ' Municipal school of Basic Education Hunter Da Silva? Municipal school of Basic Education Peter Jose Vieira AGRICULTURAL ZONE State school of Average Education? Elizabeth Nazrio Laurentino? District of Is Jose of the Towers? Municipal school of Basic Education Jose Gonalves Figueira? They are Jose of the Towers? Municipal school of Basic Education ' ' Dr. Jose Nicodemos Cysne' ' Patronage? State school of Average Education ' ' Antonio Sabatini' ' Conceio de Muqui? Municipal school of Basic Education Salvador Astolpho? Conceio de Muqui? Municipal school of Basic Education Antnia Junger P. Da Silva? Conceio de Muqui? Municipal school of Basic Education Catharina Giovanini Faber? They are Peter? Alive Municipal school of Basic Education Constncio? Saint Antonio de Muqui? Municipal school of Basic Education Rosalvo Barboza Land Rasps? Bridge of Itabapoana? Municipal school of Average Education Antonia Mattos? Bridge of Itabapoana the Project that will be investigated, analyzed, evaluated and of which we will make comments and suggestions are PAA II? Project of Acceleration of Learning II.

The Institution

The orientation must break of administrators and lawyers of the institution for a bigger clarification of the collaborators. What new areas of services are being searched for the organization? – Implantation of the laboratory of computer science (update of professionals of the education and pupils) 1.2 Conscription of people Who procedures of conscription of professionals the organization adopts? Election: – Competition, interviews, period of training, indication and resume. The conscription and the election of staff are two processes used for suppliment of two demands, proceeding from the company and an other of the worker, for act of contract of professionals for positions in an organization. These processes generally are carried through by people qualified, and involved in the area of Human resources. In few words, to enlist is to look a set, of bigger possible number of people whom they supply to the necessity of fulfilling of a position, in accordance with the planning of human resources. To select is to choose between these people, the potentially capable one to occupy the position in question (CHIAVENATO, 2005).

After the individual to be selected for the organization, is necessary to review where it will go to give its services. One is about decision object, therefore in any instance of the health management it has areas that greater or minor urgency determined professional categories needs with, with more or less prerequisite. It has that if to search the place most adequate for diligent data, in one determined organization, in view of its efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness. The processes of conscription, election, act of contract and capacity will be based on the ethical principle of the transparency and the free access to all the interested parties. The institution it must have instituted a process of sizing of staff, considering the necessities of the institution, the magnifying of the services and the reality epidemiologist; The institution will have to work next to the MEC to guarantee the suppliment due of the decurrent vacant of: retirements, resignations, deaths and others; The institution will have to work next to the MEC to guarantee the maintenance of the sizing of staff; The processes of conscription and election of workers will occur in accord with the Direction of the institution and the Secretariat of Education.


Why they do not stop? While the overloaded ones for pain and the impact that castrate the dreams and the aspiration of that still they search some meaning of what it is to live, cry out in the solitude of a silence that does not echo, the ones that long for and feel pleasure in what it destroys, advance indifferent with the proper apathy of that the others only enxergam as a human garbage. No matter how hard history insists, of the one not to coexist an interminable faction that promotes valetas of collective burials only for delights extracted of it triturates of that they clamam for clemency. It has many arguments trying to convince, however it is in ahead go any explanation of the greed to possess what it does not belong to them. Only the fragilizados ones for the disillusion of concrete dreams, between rationals, lacrimam to live in a lair where of they do not feel pain there other people’s. That gene will be that it lacks to them so that the indifference is the base of its victories rudes, where the end item is a balance of corpses and dry livings creature? Why they do not stop? Perhaps the ones that suffers are fruits of the destination of the Fara, or Esa; the ones that cut, they are fruits of that had had the hard heart.