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The Swings

He added, "You come when you can sincerarte with your child and hug him," she said excitedly while inside expected to be in a long time. Alex was not very happy with that decision but felt that while there might be legal, since a simple DNA would prove it was your child, not have children and they could enjoy what was forbidden today with Joey, I also knew that Joey was and he could not have it. Saw them smiling, three. Both claimed to Joey, each one hand and popped it while laughing out loud and they were telling, as usually the parents, one, two, three. Alex could not hear them from that distance, but he had no doubt they were counting. Joey took to the swings. From there he waved. A few minutes later, Pete left them and went to Alex.

"Hello friend, how are you? You have seen that good boy is Joey? It is a very happy guy. He has many friends. Always in a good mood. He loves music and is always making moves as if playing a drum set. You can not imagine how fast his imaginary drums accompanied by what is heard wherever they are. We've bought a toy and you should see how, when sitting on the bench, running the music movement .- tells Pete knew his friend was suffering and I try to comfort him as best he could, after all, had shared with him the best years of his life and had a huge affection "Alex, I know you're sad.