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Worldwide Network

Spain and Brazil set out to generalize a type of international cooperation to take care of crisis nourishing that has managed significantly to reduce the cost of these operations and to incorporate to new countries like aid donors. In 2009, through an informal conversation between the ex-president Lula da Silva and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Brazil asked for Spain helps to dedicate 40,000 tons of foods, coming from its successful Program Hunger Zero, to international aid. Brazil needed a partner experienced in a scope that until then did not comprise of its foreign policy. The result was the logistical operations greater than the Spanish Agency has done of Cooperation the International for Desarrollo (AECID). The Spanish office was in charge to obtain the transport of that gigantic amount of rice, maize and milk in dust to Haiti, Cuba and Honduras, that finished being struck by the hurricanes Ike and Gustav. Source of the news: : Spain and Brazil impel a world-wide network of food donation