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The Modern Shower

Comfortable shower – is the optimum solution for people who love to take a shower in the morning to lift the mood and vigor in the body, and vice versa in the evening – love to relax, relieve stress after a hard day's work to could be happy to go into the tender embrace of Morpheus. Given the fact that small size of bathrooms in many houses of Soviet-built, today, modern showers are becoming increasingly popular and are fairly strong competition baths. But let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of showers in more detail. First, the undeniable fact in our day-to-date since the introduction of the water meter – water savings in making shower about four – five times. Learn more at: Nick Khan. The second fact is important for business people – when you shower you usually spend two to three times less time than while taking a bath. And of course, as mentioned above, shower good saves space and gives a lot of living space. If we consider the question of hygiene, then in the shower is easily washed off the dirt and soap residue, which makes the shower more hygienic to use. And if we add to these facts all sorts of "bells and whistles, which are equipped with modern showers: a control panel with backlit clock, cd player, radio, etc., the shower is just a fairy tale for you do not mind to give any money! However, before running to the store for buying costs a little acquainted with the designs as showers, and with brands on the Russian market. First, we note that the showers may be open or closed.

The Fireplace

In modern living meet not only Bowls and coffee tables on wheels, tables and a tv stand for the cd, and computer desks on roller bearings, and mobile chairs, sofas and even large racks. Range of materials, used in the manufacture of furniture for living rooms, very wide. Thus, in the manufacture of furniture for living rooms commonly used modern particleboard, mdf and other plates with reliable coverage of natural veneer and polymers (Laminate and melamine). If resources permit, idf is better to prefer a more durable and environmentally friendly material. The most expensive material – natural wood (most common furniture veneer than solid wood). Thus, housing components, drawers and doors modular system can be decorated with veneer walnut, cherry (or covered with a thick layer of lacquer). Countertops and decorative dining tables, doors, cabinets and shelves, bookcases make of modern high-strength glass, which maintains not only a great weight, but blows.

Very fashionable "furniture" material is now metal. In chrome or brushed steel and aluminum can be made frames shelving, racks, tables, chairs and props – furniture in hi-tech style. In a small apartment living is often the more room and bedroom. In this case, the main piece of furniture is a sofa bed – it was he provides versatility room. If there is enough space, you should consider buying a "soft" set: usually, this sofa plus two armchairs, where you can comfortably have come guests and yourself to wallow.

Upholstery is made as of cloth (natural or synthetic), and from the skin. Naturally, the set of upholstered furniture, made in the skin, make your living is much presentable. As stuffing for upholstery use natural materials (horse hair, feathers) and their synthetic analogs (eg, foam). Style decision room is different – from classical to minimalist and in this part of your house allowed the most daring experiments with a combination of styles. If you often come to visit, when choosing a color drawing appropriate to use warm colors (red, orange, yellow), which create in the room elated. If the room is primarily a place of rest and relaxation, it is worth thinking about cold colors – blue, green, blue. By color can be divided into the living room into two parts: dining room made into fun, happy, bright colors, and place around the fireplace or tv – in the quiet cool, tuning on the relaxation. It is important to consider the system of lighting the living room. The top illumination should create a holiday atmosphere and a feeling of comfort presented with a variety of side lights. Pursuing furnishing the living room, comes not only from the etymology of the word, but from personal preference – there must be nice to be not only guests, but also the owners. And let the best features of your living will, the words "presentable, comfortable and convenient."