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Scientific Publications

The purpose of developing these recommendations, the Committee on Ethics of Scientific Publications (Committee of Publication Ethics) was founded in 1997 in order to streamline the presentation of the ethics of scientific research and publications. It is a voluntary consultative discussion organization involved in the development of various aspects of good practice research and publications. It is extremely important to define good practice and high ethical scientific publications. These recommendations are intended for authors, editors, editorial board members, readers, owners of journals and publishers. Integrity and high ethical standards are needed at all stages organizing and conducting biomedical research, reporting their findings; this approach ensures the detection and prevention of unfair practices publications.

And that was the main aim of developing these recommendations. The Appendix lists other guides dedicated to ethical and legal aspects of biomedical research or evaluation, as well as the requirements for the quality of scientific publications. How were the first recommendation, each member prepared a preliminary version of its recommendations, then based on them was developed by a single final document submitted for approval. At the same time discussed in detail the Committee's views on the structure of studies, the procedure for their approval of the ethics committees, data analysis, authorship, conflict of interest, reviewing, duplicating papers, plagiarism, responsibilities of editors, the relationship with the media, advertising, and measures for the prevention of unfair practices research and publish their results. As we see the future of these Recommendations These recommendations are not a dogma but a guide to action, they must be continually improved.

Organic Chemistry

Evolution organic world, "ie, follow the path of deduction (from general to specific), which is very fruitful in dealing with strong students. With students with low levels of training appropriate to begin with a repetition of the section "Botanica", ie follow the path of induction (from particular to general). Preparation for the exam in chemistry with students in low and middle levels of training should be started with the "Basic concepts of chemistry. Nomenclature of inorganic and organic substances ". With strong students, thus, better to go a deductive way, ie start repeating the same "structure of the atom.

Chemical bond. Particular attention is drawn to the following topics: – The major classes of inorganic substances – redox reactions, electrolysis, – reactions in electrolyte solutions, hydrolysis – chemical kinetics and chemical equilibrium. Note that currently the vast majority of pupils weak knowledge of the section "Organic Chemistry", which may well be associated with the transition to a system of concentric construction of the school curriculum, ie Part of the material in this section we study in class 9, and deepen knowledge in grade 10. Y students in mind there is not afraid of the word "mess". Therefore, to begin preparations for this section is best with a white sheet and pay special attention to him.

Particular attention should be paid to the chemistry and the solution computational problems and exercises on the type of "chain reactions". "Chain reactions" are good, in our opinion, the fact that with their help in the short term you can learn quite a large number of chemical reactions. And not only learn, but also consolidate their knowledge. What else can be used for an intensification of tutor training course to ege? Currently, intensive development of distance learning students. And it will be, at least, not unreasonable take advantage of its achievements in the practice of tutoring activities. In the 2009-2010 academic years, we tested a model integrating full-time and distance learning. What does this mean? All very simple. Some of the content of educational Material (relatively simple themes, tests, homework, etc.) is transferred to the remote form. On classroom lessons with the focus on only a complex theoretical issues. Colossal part of a valuable educational Time released. Pupil can not relate to homework carelessly, or simply not to comply. He knows that his every action, every step, every task will be the teacher tested and evaluated. Except addition, specially designed for this system Moodle there is a possibility of automatic evaluation of test items. In this case, the teacher does not need to spend valuable time checking job closed, the system itself all appreciate and will give "the result. Parents, as well as the tutor can monitor the work of the child. There are occasions when the student is sick, what to do with anyone is not happening. In this situation the same way classes can be conducted in remote form, without wasting time. At the end of the article, we emphasize that the modern tutor there are many opportunities for improving their performance, you need only these opportunities in time and correctly use.

Financial Success

Today, one of the most important rules of success in the labor market, you can call the broad skills of candidates. Every person who wishes to acquire a real constant and considerable financial success, think about that have not a narrow specialty, and to explore other directions, perhaps even close to the main current work. And who would be able to say a few years ago that an ordinary accountant stops to bury themselves alive under mountains documents and all documents will not really alter dozens of times for the slightest mistake, but just re-print from the pc? At the moment courses 1C for an economist is not something special, and the norm specialized work. This is understandable, since the software content provides the opportunity several times to make a quicker response to duty's leading economist, respectively, to reduce the staff required for correct execution of accounting obligations. A reduction in the number of workers required to ensure business continuity of Accountants leads to a reduction in spending on the maintenance of administrative staff, to which moves each director. However, not only the accounting department can relate to the changes, but also any and all departments of production. Director must have a main corporate complex, but if with this he can still own the knowledge, for example, in electronic charts, the enterprises engaged in production and promotion, it will be possible to redirect the work of a full-fledged designer to a specific fulfillment of orders made, while the head will prepare together with the client preliminary sketch to take account of all, without exception, the desires of the consumer.

And yet, for this requires that the Director was familiar with computer design. Accordingly, it is necessary to develop this branch. In addition, these ancillary skills are able to provide not just a more substantial implementation of business functions, and including provide minor financial success. To the nuances of additional financial success. Need to ponder including the work in the area, which nowadays is the most popular and growing. This is the sphere of the global network. Also, basic web design courses will allow anyone who wishes to consider the underlying basis for the creation of web sites and is likely to make such an occupation is not even entertaining addition to the main office, but also directly – work. Select appropriate courses for today will not make difficulties. But it is important to remember that the main thing – it's own motivation. Cheap and of short duration courses will be given the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals required the department, the practical application will contribute in general. You want to really feel their own workers' achievement? Then – time, learn!

Brazilian State

To speech in commitment in the pedagogia courses one is become involved confusions of questions that go of resume the questions practise and theoreticians. A complexity of facts that the pertaining to school institutions need a curricular reorganization that answers of forceful form that professors we want to form? that pupils these professors go to form. In this direction, he develops a necessity to register and to rethink these practical, searching the construction of new knowledge on the process of formation and of practical professor, as well as on the diverse occured changes in the process of formation and the performance of the professor. (…) any politics of reformularization of the Course of Pedagogia has that to consider this identity, that is directly on to the revolutionary perspective of prxis social. However, what we see is a certain dismounting of this course on the part of the Brazilian State, when of the implantation of the new lines of direction of Pedagogia? what it is lamentable, therefore, historically, this course has fulfilled an important paper in the formation of professors for the basic education and managers of the pertaining to school education. (PEAR TREE, 2010, p.8).

We live a time where the conscience of that the world passes for deep transformations is each stronger day. This reality provokes in many people and contradictory groups, feelings, sensations and desires, at the same time of unreliability and fear, potenciadores of apathy and conformismo as well as of newness and hope, mobilizadores of the best ones energies and creativity for the construction of a different, more human and solidary world. Globalization, multiculturalismo, after-modernity, questions of sort and race, new forms of communication, computerization, cultural manifestations of the adolescents and young, cultural and religious expressions of different social classrooms, movements, diverse forms of violence and social exclusion configure new and differentiated social scenes, cultural politicians and.

Wanderlei Codo

A professor said, in one of the interviews, is clearly: ' ' for me they are forty cabbages, forty heads that I eye in my front and am my pupils. They are forty cabbages. For me it does not make difference if it learned or it did not learn. It does not make difference if it has problem in house or if it does not have. I want to know that I have plus a lesson and that at the end of the year I go to have had more forty resultados.' ' You make a process to eliminate the pupil symbolically, to suffer little. Or you you symbolically eliminate. You start to detestar any meeting.

The best meetings are the ones that detesta you because they involve you, its participation, etc. you do not go There to the meeting or when she goes is drawing florzinhas e, currently, changing messages in cellular, writing the besteira one for amiguinho that it is there it are and receiving in return and etc. besteira Any thing, less to commit itself in the work. This calls low comprometimento in the work. In short, what it discloses the low comprometimento of the professors in the work? Wanderlei Codo – and what you have there? It is a composed triangle for emotional exhaustion, low comprometimento and desprofissionalizao. This trio calls burnout, that it today reaches thirty and five percent of the professors.

These suffer from a psychological suffering that if calls burnout and are composed for this tripod: emotional exhaustion, low comprometimento and desprofissionalizao …. Care, in first place burnout is not illness. Burnout is one psychological suffering. If you lost its mother and are sad, I you cannot say that you are a mental sick person. I am more easy to say that you are a mental sick person if you lost its mother and not to be sad.

Teaching Methods for Modern Life

ABOUT LOOK, IN THE NEW EDUCATION KEY Ernesto Partida Pedroza for Greeks 2500 years ago formed the basis of what is today Western civilization. How do you do? They had no Internet, no television, no radio, no newspapers or universities, or Encyclopedia, nothing of what we have today. So what do you do? They had something to us today but we do not have and something they did not have, but to us it is useless for us if we do not know to use. They were able to measure the circumference of the earth with a stick and the margin of error was remarkably small. What they were and that we do not have? It strikes me that when it comes to quality in education refers to the absence of adequate classrooms, on the outskirts of the classrooms, the lack of computers and other tools for teaching and because of the lack of quality . But the Greeks did not have any of that had yet quality education to the extent that their teachings are still studied today.

What the hell lies the education they were the Greeks? The first thing they taught to students is to look at themselves, look to others and look at the universe of them. Walking the streets looking at everything that happened and this was cause for reflection. In us are taught to look at what others have looked at, we do not develop our own capacity to look at whatever is within our grasp. Cultivate the sense that more is heard as it is the only one who use to everything the teacher tells us aside and let the other senses and with them we lose to feel the pleasure of watching our universe with all our senses. Throughout the history of humanity have created a multitude of teaching methods, but we have not spent imitating other instead of creating something that will serve us. We live in a privileged time in which there is all the information to make our children are geniuses, but we fear to suffer wrong to know so much and be rejected by the mediocre people. There are few who know how to use all the technology to create the welfare of the public against the many who use all the technology to exploit others. To the extent that we resist learning, to that extent we will be victims of those who misuse the technology for their own interests.

The new education must have as essential to learn to see everything around us. To the extent that we learn to look at all the problems, they will disappear. The problems persist simply because they do not see them completely. For now the plans and curricula of all educational institutions closely follow a system of domestication know where to look is not part of any program of study. Someone who completes a bachelor spent an average of 17 years of his life studying, more than enough time to get out of a university with the ability to look around your environment and create new realities. There is much talk of a budget for research, but if you teach all our children and students to watch, would not need additional budgets for research, with students who know how to look would be enough to create the foundations for the new civilization in Mexico.

Learning English

So, we make a kind of tour of the choice of methods and forms of learning English. You are already confident in his desire to begin to learn English, but while you're still not quite sure what method is most suited to you, to your rhythm of life, abilities and preferences. So, you already know that there are plenty of current and long-standing ways of learning English, you are also well know the advantages of learning English using audio books, but here, for example, training for the audio book you are not quite arranged, well, at least, because you need a real teacher. Again, tutor you on some reasons to hire or do not want, or you have no chance. Then, in this case, you have a wonderful way out of this situation. Namely, as an additional English language you might well choose – learning with computer technology.

Incidentally, this method has great advantages over other methods of learning English. This efficiency, accessibility and availability of your personal teacher. Now we talk about distance education, namely, having to 'armed' computer and internet choosing this method of training, you can quickly perform any request to the system, and as soon as possible to get an answer, a new job or to obtain a detailed analysis of their mistakes. In general, it is very long and tedious to enumerate all the advantages of this method, but it seems that no special explanation is clear as far as convenient and beneficial distance learning English.

The Matrix Reverse

Before we take up the study of language itself, should think carefully to what exactly you need it. If the language skills you need to understand rare words that you come across in the process, it is quite suitable simple dictionary, which will always be at hand when needed. If you need to learn to read at the middle school institution that is quite suitable secondary school curriculum. But if you decide to learn the language of freedom – requires a very advanced way of learning. One of the appropriate advanced methods – the method which the author called 'The Matrix Reverse linguistic resonance '. The developed technique allows to learn a foreign language for 12 months at the third or fourth year of high school, specializing in the study of foreign languages. Of course only when subject to daily activities and compliance with all recommendations of the author. With this design for hundreds of people around the world have mastered previously foreign to them the language.

Learning a foreign language on this technology is natural way. Process at first glance similar to the method, following which the children, not knowing the language of birth, even at preschool age is free to talk. Children it takes a few years, partly because the language – not the only thing you have to relearn the children. Adults can accelerate this process through self-discipline. Another major plus of this method – the opportunity to develop good pronunciation right from the start learning.

You've heard how some foreigners say with a terrible accent in Russian, while others it may seem almost indistinguishable from the speech of people for whom the Russian native language. And this can be easily achieved only at the initial stage of language learning! This method is made by man, who is professional in teaching foreign languages. He has long taught languages U.S. intelligence and Russia. Knows eight languages and undoubtedly enjoys immense prestige in the field of foreign language learning. Only you can teach yourself a foreign language, and no one else will do it for you! Go ahead and you will succeed!