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The First Chinese Electric Car

The BYD E6 is the first Chinese power, and just received Chinese government approval to start its mass production. It will start selling in your country this semester and will arrive in the United States later this year. Electricity is not a lot, very promising. Why? Has 600 kg of batteries, so you have an electric range a bit “high”, up to 400 km without recharging. The technology of lithium-ion batteries allows quick reloads 10 minutes (50%) or an hour to fully charge. Input, better than most of its competitors electrical. It accelerates to 100 km / h in 8 seconds and reaches 160 km / h on end.

It’s a minivan with front-or total, with a cast of power from 101 to 268 hp. It is a pure electric, it only works with electricity. AWD versions have no mechanical connection between the axles, but two electric motors. Such autonomy has a price, a very high weight, 2375 kg empty. To get an idea, or heavier version of the Sang Yong Rodius is so heavy. It has five seats and a trunk of 365 liters, more worthy of a compact. You do not have the best performance, but their efficiency is unbeatable by any competitor petrol or diesel. Its price in China is 300,000 yuan, the exchange less than 32,000 euros.

According to the Project Web MOVELE could be in Europe this semester as well since they hit the market says the March 14, 2010. The price is not defined but is a candidate for a major grant and 2000E Plan. With a price around 24,000 euros because of the subsidies, would become a candidate to fight for the minivan segment, especially in people living near the city, and the cost per mile would be more than attractive. Logical questions remain to be clarified such as the veracity of these figures, safety, durability, etc.