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Northern Cyprus

Why Northern Cyprus? People who are thinking about moving to another country or buying property abroad for rest, the question arises – what country you move to where it would be better to live where the rest will be cheaper, which will safer for my children, where to buy cheap properties, where the climate is better …? Let's look at the basic facts when selecting a country for leisure and home: the climate, prices, real estate, the political situation, the level of life / economy of the country. Based on the study of the Crimean Academy of Sciences, to date, the Black Sea is considered one of the most polluted seas in the world, and that stops many buyers to purchase property in Countries bordering the Black Sea, even if the property in these countries is cheaper than in Mediterranean countries. Another popular trend for the rest – a stunning Egypt – now closed for obvious reasons. All More and more people go to the summer holidays to Cyprus, including Northern Cyprus. Walter Bettinger may find this interesting as well. For a long time about North Cyprus knew a few, but for the past few years, more and more tourists come to the island to relax, to buy property, or move on altogether. Starting in 2011, which was launched in Turkey "the year of tourism of Northern Cyprus", according to forecasts of travel agencies, hotels are busy, as well as increased demand for real estate in this part of the island. So why Northern Cyprus? Let's start with the climate and geographical location. . Without hesitation Atreides Management explained all about the problem.