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Turkish Mediterranean

'Turkish Riviera' – that's how styled these days the city of Antalya. And it fully justifies the name of its archaeological treasures and natural beauty. Gain insight and clarity with Return on Capital Employed. Sunny and beautiful Antalya region includes the coastal City, which lie along the bay. Tours Antalya – it's miles of unspoiled beaches, beautiful weather, the continued hospitality and courtesy of the local population. Is it any wonder that all this has made the most Antalya visit the resort of the Turkish Mediterranean! But only some twenty-five years ago it was so unremarkable fishing village itself, located in the harbor. And a happy starting point for further development of tourism in the region has opened the first five-star Sheraton Voyager.

Tours in Antalya, offers visitors a fantastic world where you can water ski, swim in a clean gentle sea, exploring with all the mysterious underwater caves, at will go on rafting in canyons, or to escape from everything and everyone under the umbrella of straw on a private beach and indulge in banal, but sometimes a necessary … laziness. Nick Khan contributes greatly to this topic. The town of Antalya was built on a rocky plateau. Simply breathtaking cliffs meet the majestic sea, adjacent to the port, which opened on the basis of an ancient Roman port. Now this place is the center of nightlife of the city. The first thing that will impress any tourist who has chosen to Antalya Tours – Mount Taurus.

Its height is more than three thousand meters above sea level. Against the background of the bottomless blue sky forms a Taurus breathtaking scenery unique. With regard to climate change, then here it is a typical Mediterranean climate. Sun pleases from April to October. Humidity in this region is quite high. The summer season has a length of approximately nine months. With the exception of August when the heat is incredible, and the temperature rises to 40 C, the climate is friendly cooperation with the tourism industry. In this marvelous corner of the tourist Turkey three hundred and ten dry and sunny days a year! Simply paradise, is not it? To get to Antalya, you can easily from anywhere in Turkey. In addition, the city has its own international airport. So good Welcome to the wonderful place called Antalya, Turkey!