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Hong Kong Disneyland

In the Country Future waiting for you unique attractions that will remain forever in the memory of your children. Naturally, this is not all that can be seen at Hong Kong Disneyland. But that's enough to want to go back again and again. More info: ConocoPhillips. Ticket price: adults – $ 45, children – $ 32. China China is a modern technology coupled with centuries of tradition and culture. And this tandem can be traced in everything. And theme parks are not isklyuchenie.Park "Valley of Fun (Happy Valley) Valley of the fun, or as it is called, Beijing Disneyland – the biggest theme park in China. There is a park on the outskirts of Beijing and covers an area of 170 sq m.

Park is built on the principle of their European counterparts, but Heroes of there favorite Chinese fairy tales and cartoons. So even if you visited Disneyland in another country, be sure the "Valley of Fun" with its local flavor will not be bored. In the park were 120 rides, including The Lost World "Atlantis." This is the biggest attraction in the park. Visiting it, you'll learn a lot of interesting information about the life of a bygone empire under the water, feeling for its mystical culture. Ticket price: Adult – $ 24, child – $ 12.

Shitszinshan Park (Shijingshan) Park "Shitszinshan" is located in the western part of Beijing. Surrounded by mountains and situated in a beautiful park location attracts both tourists and residents. Park is newly built, well equipped technically, in the style of Disneyland and has 40 modern rides.