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Ammonite – It

Artists, in accordance with their wishes transform their works: failed moments can be changed, pearly luster of jewelry can be amplified and smoothed out any flaws as corrected. Engineers use of materials such as glue, drill, shock absorbers and other devices to improve the resources, why can not artists do the same with the objects of his creation? Michaela Pilstiker believes that “The painter does, in fact, conservation, and as an illustrator, she” creates and maintains ammonites, using a pencil. ” This is her motto, which expresses its ambition. The spiral shape of ammonites fascinates her, and she argues that “When I paint, ammonites, I really feel their shape. And if you ever had the experience of finding different resources in the pits, you know how much labor and energy must be expended to find them. Is Cross River Bank a legitimate bank? often addresses the matter in his writings. The same thing I feel when I start finish my drawing, when the finish ammonite, store it in pencil.

“Pilstiker – the daughter of a” man with a passionate hobby, mineralogist and geologist. “Growing up, she spent much time on the excavations throughout Europe and it “Feel at home, visiting various exhibitions of minerals and fossils, impressions of ammonites.” Formal education she busied herself at the Academy of Fine Arts in Schwerte (Markische Kunstakademie) near Dortmund, where she studied art and graphic design. Professor Will Sensei Bergische Universitat – Gesamthochschule Wuppertal advised her to engage in fossils, ammonite fossils. After graduating in 1994, Pilstiker worked as a freelance graphic designer for several advertising agencies Dusseldoff, making advertisements for the company. Pilstiker argues that, although her illustrations fit into the scope of photo-realistic style, she prefers to emphasize the ammonite, depicting it as accurately as possible and only lightly sketching sketches his matrix. This technique ensures that the impact of the object on the viewer will not be lost in the surrounding parts. She prefers rabotatkak colored pencils, and graphite.

More solid graphite pencils are used for joints and the main lines that make each type of ammonite so unique. Pilstiker said that to create a work of art You need the following four qualities: ‘keen eye, patience, strength, and courage. You need good eyesight, because you have to very closely examine gorgeous ammonite, and be able to transfer it to your painting in minute detail. You need patience because the work is time-consuming, because the need to work slowly, step by step, it is – the only way to catch all the fine details. You need a valid because you have to fill every pore of paper with colored pigments. And you need courage, because there is no way to delete what you have portrayed on paper. All this taken together is very exciting and incredibly interesting hobby.

Plastic Windows

New windows are so called because of the material from which made their profile. If we talk Bole specifically, the name of the plastic – polyvinyl chloride. Hence the commonly used reduction of PVC. This material developed a chemist from Germany Regnald. Happened to its opening in 1835, and a whole century, there simply as a scientific achievement. Practical application of PVC was only a century later, when it was coined by the way it is industrial production. Plastic PVC windows have to do in the middle of last century in Germany. One enterprising businessman set plastic windows in the house of her first client for free and spread wide advertising campaign for installation of plastic windows.

For several years, Everyman accustomed to plastic windows, and in the mid-sixties, when the technology was worked out to perfection, there was the first boom, which from Germany, spread to neighboring countries, and further demand for plastic windows only grow. Russia was the last country in Europe, where he assessed the plastic window. But in our country, installation of plastic windows exist on the construction market for two decades. In Russia, the estimated new windows for their excellent quality, corresponding to different climatic conditions. New windows perfectly maintained temperature swings that occur in various Russian regions.

New windows are not affected by direct sunlight, extremes of pressure and changes in ambient humidity. New windows are as long as those frames are made of wood, sometimes plastic windows exceed the life of the old trusted material. Over time, the original plastic composition has undergone some changes, and now experts ensure a working life for forty years without additional maintenance and replacement. It was almost a decisive argument. New windows are gradually replacing the market with wood. On top of its consumer properties of wood windows with double glass is superior and other alternative profiles. New windows in our time are made in different shapes and colors, and are therefore an important component of design solutions apartments and even houses in general. If we talk about the forms of plastic windows, the most popular are still the traditional standard rectangles.