Superior Studies

Dynamic page, very visited and which served also to support students in pursuit of their work, research on everything that involves management science. Unfortunately, the directive College does not value, scope and feel that their living expenses (a ridiculous sum of 25 000 Bs, for the time) was not feasible for the College, but if it is for parties, sporting competitions in the background are not conducive to the serious issues to be covered by the College in its academic, research, service. He also helped the College with the participation of teachers, students rated the development of many solutions to problems that the business sector in the region had and still maintains. Aspect, which unfortunately was abandoned, not taken very seriously by its leadership, and the opportunity that was extended through the Technological Institute of Superior Studies of Monterrey, Mexico to offer this master's degrees, graduate programs on-line exclusive for members of the College, opportunity squandered its president and board of directors, despite efforts to introduce ITESN authorities towards this project. Specifically, the Board of Trustees, if we are concerned that of Carabobo, has been marginalized by the reality that business demand, especially from professionals such as managers who can provide many solutions. It has not taken advantage of, or play its role in relation to the universities, though, have missed the offer, collaborative graduate program quality management and productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo, has been promised dynamic collaboration, not only with advice, training, training of these specialists, but to give them the opportunity to join him. They also offered assistance through their teachers to work together for the dissemination of current management topics that dominates modern economic scenarios successful stakeholders to enroll in the program, to integrate efforts for disclosure administrative science according to the Venezuelan reality through seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops, research. Unfortunately, such offers have not been considered lost a great opportunity towards the rescue of a college that today more than ever present great opportunities, if you really envision their directors, union members and intend to seize them.