Spirit Santo

As the skies are higher than the Earth, thus they are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts more than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8 9 Who receives by inspiration words that come from the stop, receives the light of the divine knowledge, God, will give that is to say those things him that it asks for, as Jesus has taught to it during his ministry, its words were: and I say to you: You ask, and one will occur you; you look for and you will find; you call and it will be abrir to you. Because all that one that ask, receive and the one that it looks for, find; and to that it calls, it will be abrir to him. What father of you, if his son requests bread to him, will give a stone him? or if fish, will give a serpent him? or if it requests an egg to him, it will give a scorpion him? Then if you, being bad, know to give good gifts to your children, at the most your celestial Father will give to the Spirit Santo whom they ask it? The promise is very clear, exists a very narrow bond between God and its creatures, but it is clear that he is a Father not who will not do anything that we pruned to do by we ourself, ours first responsibility is the one to cultivate the love, and to cultivate the love, firstly it is necessary to seed it. If I spoke human and angelical languages, and I do not have love, I come to be like metal that resonate, or cymbal that retie. And if it had prophecy and it understood all the mysteries and all science, and if it had all the faith, in such a way that it transferred mounts, and I do not have love, nothing I am.