South America

have but few calories and cause tooth decay, obesity nor disease. A news report of the European authority for food law (EFSA) confirmed all the wholesomeness now again 8. Run registration approval queue for Arakacha, a potato-like root vegetable from South America. It is rich in vitamins and fiber. Also healthy exotics such as Inca InChI 9, a vegetable oil from the seeds of the climber, and the Kiwi berries concentrate Actinidia arguta wait 10 on entry into the EU.

Their valuable ingredients (unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids) can help protect against diseases such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and Alzheimer’s disease. More healthy enjoyment gives hope for retailers and consumers a new Bill to the novel food regulation. As admission procedures are very expensive, long since proven the health benefits in many countries is the examination procedure should soon be significantly relieved be. Good news for all those who like to eat a healthy diet is, without benefit to sacrificing 11. Question of the month, your opinion is important to us! With the question of the month, IBE would every month online obtain the opinion of the public on specific nutrition-related issues and to encourage discussions. The current issue deals with the topic who may as a role model for healthy eating Act? ‘. ” Click on the following link and just share your opinion. IBE says thank you very much for your reply!… Sources: 1: en/press/news/nda060906.htm 2: 3 kontakt/lexikon-detail-1/Novel-Food-Verordnung,Arganoel,,Notifizierung.html: cd/215 4: press / presseinfo_archiv.php? mode = contribution & id = 4167 5: nutrition/food/sauces-and oil/arganoel the exclusive oil the-world 6: 7 gesundheit/naturheilmittel/noni-saft-und-seine-aussergewoehnlichen-wirkungen.html: 8 natural_food_guide_fruit_vitamin_c.htm: or html/berichte/studien/wundersuessstoff_stevia_forscher_uni_hohenheim_154902.html 9: _oele/index.php? id = 30 10: 11: consumer/novel_food_kennzeichen.php Carolin Lembeck