Simply Your

It is very common in all kinds of relationships to find you trying to be a better person in front of others, fellow students, according to your opinion work and believe in your love relationships.Current society has imposed some standards that we have to meet and when this does not happen, because we do it more easy, lie and invent up if you could say a dual personality.This happens in how relationships refers more in women, by the multitasking that we have been imposed and have meekly accepted, be mothers, wives, professionals, women independent, friends, counselors, and a long etcetera.It seems that it is not enough to simply be you, with your virtues and defects.In reality we are unique beings? Because if we deny our person to adapt to what is accepted, convenient and expected by others, perhaps we are not be us same to turn us into a bad copy of what the other expected of us, and receive in return? It is stressful to try to fit in all the papers social, and doing it every day, you’re losing your essence and let just be you, and you end up being a stranger to yourself.That switch self-worth by the valuation of others, is not that does not need to import you what others think of you, but is first better watch what you think your of your life, what are your values, which is the type of person you want to be, which couple want for you, with which qualities, serious life much more simple if we change the optics that expect others of my I hope of others, of life and of myself.We have to start to be humble selfishly, because set aside the opinion more important, yours, try starting today to simply be your, improving every day.Because in the end what’s wrong in simply being you. Swarmed by offers, ConocoPhillips is currently assessing future choices. Ana Elsa de la Cruz.. Ray Kurzweil: the source for more info.