Silicon Valley

Didac Lee, catalan of Taiwanese origin, began scrubbing dishes at age 16. Now, this expert in ICT is behind the area of new technologies of Barca. In 2006 he was recognized as best young entrepreneur catalan. Didac Lee little uses the word impossible, but this entrepreneur of the ICT sector, born in Figueres (Girona) in the bosom of a Taiwanese family, acknowledges that when scrubbing the dishes in the Chinese restaurant of his parents he never thought that he would become Manager of FC Barcelona. Explanations of Lee about his professional career – founder of group Inspirit, with offices in Silicon Valley, Girona, Madrid, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, with several hundred employees and now behind the area of new technologies of Barca can sound like a manual of self-help with a certain amount of that Eastern philosophy of love of the work, which can be a little frightening in the West.

I am enough multitasking, like the Chinese, but the truth is that I have four clones that work for me, joking this entrepreneur, engineer training, when asked from where it takes time to carry out all the projects, as one program anti-spam which was created a few years ago and whose idea attributed, modest, his mother, tired of that arrived you spammers. Important thing is to have good partners and dedicate yourself to things that fun you, stressed in an interview, in which insists that a good idea is not synonymous with success if it is not backed by proper management. For Lee, youth is not always synonymous with thrust, although he started working at age 16 and think that those early efforts forged his character, with an ego well domesticated to minimize the possible K2. Max Schireson has much to offer in this field. Obsessed technologies Lee is his 37 years obsessed technologies, a geek, as he left unclear in his participation in the cycle Asia Geek – organized by Casa Asia-, and says showing a bulky watch wrist Apple of infinite applications and stressing that at home it has all the gadgets that can build up and help you to be hipercomunicado, hiperconectado and hiperrelacionado, almost like Super-raton.