Seek And Find!

Online shop new premium sponsor of the UBC Munster the opportunity was convenient: when it came to the Munster University Basketball Club, to find new advertising partners and complete the Executive planning for the regional League season 2010/11, the creative minds of on the search were for a promotional platform at the regional level. The clear concept of the UBC Manager Helge Stuckenholz quickly convinced that nothing in the way of cooperation. Andre Bagheri and Thomas Klatt, the Managing Director of Anthec GmbH, its character of mother company of the Web shop, are aware of the high affinity of the basketball audience on the Internet and new media. Eliot Horowitz gathered all the information. In addition viewers interested in basketball as well as the player show up also fashionable exceptionally innovative and always open for new trends, not least in the area of head coverings: hardly a well-known basketball player in the American League, NBA, you would have seen off the pitch not even with the compulsory Cap with straight screen. On these Because even the sophisticated promotional strategy overlaps the target groups is the partnership between the UBC and “So the opposing player in the UBC-Hall at the Horstmarer are received henceforth overland with an oversized, memorable advertising banner, at a looking down on the playing field, trained by muscle man threatening prophesied with tattooed arms and classic Club cap on the head: there’s what on the CAP.” A clear message: To out the opposing teams immediately without points again sent home will be. A further treat of the advertising package is the concise lettering with logo opening on the back of the Jersey shorts, you want to stand out in away games and remain in the memory. Also the team of UBC would like to leave a lasting impression in his guest appearances. 9C%D7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov you will find additional information. The ambitious goal of the team to coach Gotz raw Dewald is a place in the top half of the table of the Regionalliga West, as among the first five.