Sebastian Muller

Not even one out of ten stated that would appeal to the staff, appeals to the superior experience even less. Clear internal regulations are even more rare. There are contractual provisions or the least widely cited technical measures (E.g. Suppression mail delivery after 18: 00) as well as not (below 2%). Here arises a clear discrepancy between the public debate and the operational reality. After all: Respondents by the few, the such a measure in the company know my 85% that this was successful (at least to some extent). On behalf of the employees it is worth so here to think ahead. As a partially successful respondents classified also: appeals to the staff (51%), appeals to the superior (35%), internal arrangements (30%).

Unfortunately, but hardly any measures in this direction in planning are: only in is a fraction of the companies know that (further) measures to relieve the staff outside of service hours are planned. From the perspective of most of the executives there but clarity with regard to the availability of outside service hours. Here, the executives favor company-internal or operational restrictions (42%) or at least collusion with the direct superior (24%). The respondents agree however, that such provisions should also apply to the executives themselves. Legal regulations (E.g.

in the working time Act) they deem inexpedient. We need more awareness in dealing with digital media. The study shows that managers are aware of and see this as an important factor in maintaining healthy in the workplace. An implementation in the company can work but only if this is made clear also by the supervisor to the upper floors of the leadership”, says Sebastian Muller, Deputy Chief Executive Officer in the DFK and responsible for this study. Just so you will in practice reduce this stress risks and come to a labour protection, which covers also the mental health.” The study was in collaboration with the Barmer GEK in the Working Group”health in the company of the professional association executives – DFK elaborated with the participation of representatives of senior executives of from various companies.