Sauna: Sauna Visit & Sauna Rules

Sauna – fountain of youth for body and soul sauna – relaxation for body and soul goods ever in the sauna? If Yes, then you know how beneficial is a sauna visit. If not, you should try it just once. Whether in public sauna (is not for everyone, together with other people to sweat however) or in the local sauna (which results in the smallest corner) place, sauna is simply a recreation. Anyone who wants in the sauna should consult before his family doctor, because sauna is healthy for all people. Who about has to do with coronary heart disease or circulatory problems, should hedge before at the doctor’s Office. It is also not advisable to go with fever in the sauna.

An incipient cold can you out sweating in the sauna correctly, the common cold is advanced should verzichen you to sauna, because the circuit load is too high. The temperature in the sauna should be such that people feel comfortable, infusions in different flavors make their contribution. There are bathing in all possible scents, everyone also provides his services. How long you should relax in the sauna, for there is sauna rules, also for the time between sauna sessions there comments, which you should follow. That goes from the showers over the brush to drink, again to compensate for the loss of liquid. Drinks should be alcohol-free in any case, the best mineral water can be used.

Your skin will thank you a sauna visit. Because the skin is purified by sweating, i.e. the pores sweating out all impurities, the skin feels pretty soft after a sauna visit. She should however be eingecremt. After the sauna recommended to rest. The body must recover and even your soul will thank you, if you still for a while enjoy the relaxation in the sauna.