Sabine Schutte

From our point of view it is save at the wrong end”, says the Executive. But the accusation makes He not the patients, but the system of statutory health insurance. We save very quickly again spending on prevention, because as a result, fewer treatments are necessary.” The BKK24 now undertakes the attempt to break the vicious circle of rising treatment costs. She takes over for their customers twice in the year the cost of professional cleaning of the teeth, otherwise to the individual health care”belongs. “And because of the success is already there and the spending decline, Schutte calls: this kind of interest must be to the control power at all statutory health insurance.” If he comes through that, however not only depends on the necessary decision of policy. Also the dentists need to play with and deal with the funds, instead of writing a private Bill. “But the BKK24 boss is confident: we now have contract practices almost everywhere in Germany.” There is more information about the correct tooth brushing technique, for dealing with dental floss, to other tools and professional tooth cleaning in the Internet health portal at the address. Press contact: BKK24 Sulbecker fire 1 Sabine Schutte 31683 obernkirchen 05724 phone 971-223 brief description of the BKK24 with the BKK24 is outstanding and their service is excellent in customer surveys for more than 125 years the most successful health insurance of in Germany.

Offers one of the most comprehensive packages to the health care their policyholders. These include among others free treatment at homeopathic contract physicians, free professional tooth cleaning and the top programme live 14 years longer on the basis of the European EPIC research. Together with partners in Berlin and throughout Germany she has developed training programs for weight loss, active leisure and numerous other fields of action. About the popular bonus program of the BKK24 contribution refunds are possible by several hundred euros!