Somehow, the war was a disease, social, but necessary, as well as the sins of human beings can not be unlinked from the person, as well as good would not be understood without evil, they are effects of changing social, suitable for some minorities and harmful to others. 2. War: Know die, post-war know appreciate being and while it is true that philosophy is essential, and is at all times, as stated by Jaspers in philosophy from the point of view of existence, is also true that the post-cold war promoted a change in ideology, paradigms are broken from the time that the individual wants to break that feeling of anguish, infra-humanity that somehow, the war left as stigmatized to be evolutionary, gave him a strong, hard and difficult to assimilate lesson. And it is still more interesting to see the concept of humanity, of being in the war and after it, the groups social, minorities became dominant, the oppressed continued being abused, attacked and they took that role, so unconsciously played that role to mankind. Remember what p.

Freire pointed out about freedom and social classes, one of his great achievements was precisely to touch various social spheres, but it would accept that it would have suffered and suffered, once remarked that he knew what it was to be hungry, well, subject plasma that has thought and sense in the past, in the same way that society does it. Here the human knew what was lacking from the ethics of the common good, of honesty and lived exactly the opposite situation that later became a brilliant opportunity to learn how to assess the ethics. But it is still more worrying, understand that deficiency and human misery, do you need to suffer and suffer to assess and re – found to be human, noble, kindly looking for the truth and the common good? In some ways, may not draw a exact line of European thought, with these trends medieval and Renaissance of seeking change, produce, innovate; It is necessary to destroy, that destruction of the ideologies, fallacies of arguments by authority where the individual would be and would be exploited by a society fragmented, segmented in opinions and where the truth would still be more blurred.