Already won’t have an excuse to Flash a flat and defined, abdomen because then you leave ten recommendations for a smooth belly: does exercise pointing everything that you eat speaking slowly eat 5 or 6 times a day turns off the TV to eat prevents bubbles goodbye to NAP after eating do not take chewing gum aren’t long followed by sitting do not smoke with these 10 recomendanciones the beauty of the woman dazzled and just need to apply it in your daily life. Also you can take into account these other tips: 1. baby much dripping when I say much not is 1 litre, or one liter and a half, speak of 2 to 3 liters per day. It may seem a lot but it is what is more noticeable. This advice would you give to talk another day because many advantages we can mention: enhances the urinary system, hydrated skin, fastest transports nutrients through the body, better digestion and a long etcetera.The safest is the first days you won’t adapt to this custom, but endures the flip and see how in a week it begins to be some of the most normal and soon You will begin to notice their benefits. 2 Beam abdominal and lumbar many girls will kill sit-ups and already. However, after a back injury I had a couple of years, I realized how important that is to keep a good balance abdominolumbar. What I do personally is to do abdominal and lumbar 3 days a week for 20 minutes.

There is a great waste of time, so there are no excuses. I also do 3 sets of 25 repetitions for the upper part of the abdominal muscles, another for the bottom, and then 3 sets of 25 repetitions for lumbar. You can consider that it is useless to do the latter, but not suffer injury, and also, look a very nice lower back. 3 Beam exercise only abdominal Aerobicohacer is useless for weight loss and show off that belly you want even that popular thought. Once I read that you should do something like two million abdominal to lose a kilogram of fat, imagine. Sit-ups only serves to harden the belly, toning it. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ken Cella offers on the topic..

However, if you want to lose abdominal fat so hated, what has to be done is aerobic exercise. And what is aerobic exercise? Thus anyone who makes your heart move at a proper pace to burn calories: running, walking, biking, jumping to camber and many sports. etc. You should not do these exercises as if you were in it, life reverse, no to them in a calm way to not pass keystrokes. According to many studies, the peak of fat loss occurs to 65% of our maximum heart rate, so you won’t much to give account to go at that rate there to do much effort. Salt to walk with a friend and buy a heart rate monitor when you’ve caught the habit of doing so, you will help a lot. In a few weeks you can see as you start to lose abdominal fat 4. I know constanteNo is worth anything do the tips I’ve put if not to do them every week, every month. It is the most important factor: constancy.