1. To start it there is to look at what they offer. A reliable company should not offer both a mail, because that is indicating that they offer easy, but too much easy money. The maximum recommended both for American companies as Spanish is 5 cents or 3 cents of euro. 2.

The minimum should not be very high or very easy to obtain. We say that those who are at a normal level should not require more than 5000 emails. And about being very high minimum you should not normally exceed 60 euros for Spanish and 20 dollars for the Americans. The Americans are usually not very reliable with minimum high, so if you want to be sure to get money almost certainly, it enters the wonders that have no minimum. 3. Another way to differentiate SCAMS is to make what I call the advertiser that is almost absolute proof.

Let’s look at an example of a company than if you pay. # 0.25 cent Email, 1000 clicks, timer: 20 seconds $3.00 # 0.25 cent Email, 2000 clicks, timer: 20 seconds $5.90 # 0.25 cent Email, 5000 clicks, timer: 20 seconds $14.90 # 0.25 cent Email, 10000 clicks, timer: 20 seconds $29.90 note which says 10000 clicks. If that was true to them that advertising cost them $25, and they are charging $29.90, which generates a gain of 9.90 dollars. So if you pay. Take the example of one who does not pay, who normally put amounts enooormes: 1000 X $20PTC (40 second timer) Cost: $15000 5000 X $20PTC (40 second timer) Cost: $40000 1000 X $200PTC (90 second timer) Cost: $50000 10000 X $200PTC (90 second timer) Cost: $250000 let’s see the last. Assuming that if you pay what it says. Then gives 10000 clicks to $200 each giving a total that distributed $ 2 million.