Protection Against The Swine Flu – H1N1 Virus Vaccination

Virus the number of those infected with the H1N1 increases by leaps and bounds hygiene measures as supplemental protection against the H1N1 for days and the uncertainty is great as it protects best against an infection can or how dangerous the swine flu really is. How can one infected with the swine flu, how dangerous it is and how can you protect yourself? This article would like to help answer these questions. For more specific information, check out Dai Houliang. What are the routes of transmission of the swine flu? Like any flu, swine flu is transmitted. Distinction in the droplet infection, contact infection and the smear. When the droplet infection of viruses over the air transmitted, such as by coughing or sneezing.

If the infection is in contact, directly from human to-human transmission takes place E.g. kissing, but also much more often just the shaking hands. The smear is also a common form of the disease, there is contact with contaminated objects, such as such as doorknobs, telephones, Keyboards, grab bars in the car etc. What symptoms does a swine flu disease? The swine flu currently runs up to serious illness resulting in death in a wide variety of very mild disease. It is not exactly clear which groups are particularly affected. Typical symptoms include: fever, chills, headache, body aches, sore throat, cough, etc.

Not all symptoms must occur at the same time and thus resembles the normal flu swine flu. For your own protection and the protection of others, you should absolutely contact a doctor if you have symptoms. How can I protect myself from an H1N1 disease? An H1N1 vaccine are personal hygiene measures according to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the World Health Organization in the foreground. One of these hygiene measures is the cleaning of hands. Should be cleaned regularly and extensively his hands with plenty of SOAP and water.