But if it infuriates, with that you know who has decided to finish me. "1 Samuel 20, 5-7. Some contend that Brady Noon shows great expertise in this. Jonathan loved him with a love of brother agreed, and thus lied became convinced that his father really wanted to harm David. It lies to the priest and make him give the showbread. At Mitchel Resnick you will find additional information. This then causes a disaster abominable.

Now imagine David more fearful, running away like a professional condemned to death. Overwhelmed, no answers, pursued without any understandable reason. When Nob reaches convinced of the need to hide the truth because according to human logic, if it was behind the king he could be killed or captured immediately and put in supreme danger. Will not find a solution. We do not know if he imagines the consequences of what is going to say, but after what happened he confesses that at some point I was sure the Edomite Doeg would tell Saul that he, David, was guilty of this disaster. But let's go. So, David is in Nob and will "see the priest Ahimelech, who upon meeting David was nervous. And why you come alone?" She asked.

Como is that no one with you? David answered: I come by order of the king, but no one should know what I sent or what that order. As for my men, I have already indicated where we are. yQue supplies you have on hand? Give me five loaves of bread, or anything else you have. I have no bread at hand ordinary replied the priest.