Prevent Global Warming

Climate change on Earth, our task is definitely continue educating everyone, organizational presidential Governments, local government authorities and to each Member of the family, starting with the parents of the home, children, on great responsibility versus worrying results consequence of such change natural, that in itself is not so natural because it involved the man’s hand. We wish that every one of our readers, are the main protagonists, the first people to prevent the formation of carbon dioxide (CO2) in different modalities or marches from preparing food, use types of kitchens and kinds of fuel to do the same. How much interest we have each of us on this point. It seems that climate change is going to be worse than a world war. The concern of man has invented economic incentives for those who to avoid the formation of CO2, reduce CO2 in our planet be rewarded economically.

For example, for every ton of CO2 that is left of produce there is a prize of EUR 8, this means that instead of using techniques of energy production with the inevitable fatal CO2 production, occurs that energy that is 2,612 Kwh by other clean methods so applauding this energy production without resorting to conventional or harmful methods for plants, animal and man itself. Let us imagine for example that in a hotel of 5 stars or on the rooftops of the White House where the President of the United States lives.UU. solar panels will be used to obtain 50 MWh of energy to produce electricity or heat water. So I would be leaving produce approximately 25 tons of CO2 and only at the White House. If we dream in 50 white houses only in Washington would avoid consumption of almost a village of 500 trees or fuels or waste fuels. So what do first accept our great commitment.