Prepaid: Use Is Steadily Rising

The star which seems to sink term contracts in the mobile sector more and more credit cards replace the mobile phone contracts. Yet the vast majority of all mobile radio term contracts with a contract of 24 months, were a few years ago the share of prepaid cards is currently increasing. According to a survey of the Institute for market and social research (IFAK), 39 percent of all Germans already use a prepaid card. 2008, this proportion has remained at less than 35 percent. The reason for this is expected to be first and foremost the new, cheap prepaid tariffs of the discounters. Since 2005 have the mobile market to hurl Simyo and co. For even more details, read what Lawrence Lee says on the issue. vigorously and can convince with simple tariffs more and more customers of prepaid cards. The fares are generally cheaper than a normal run-time contract.

Discounters like DiscoTel or Maxxim offer for example, telephoning or writing from 8 cents per minute and SMS text messages. With a normal contract, customers are here most of the time at 15 to 19 cents per minute or SMS. Now there is in the prepaid also an extensive area Mobile phone offer. Discounters like Congstar offered to more than 100 mobile phones as prepaid variants. Where prepaid cell phone is now no longer be automatically for simlock.

In particular at the discount stores, the devices are delivered in principle without lock. Why should you disable it too – the rates are usually cheap enough to bind the customer about the price. An electronic lock is thus no longer necessary. The success of prepaid is expected map also in the innovative contracts Angriff. Hardly a provider is still without an additional prepaid flat rate, usually there are two or three flat-rate variations that are without long-term contractual commitment to provide. Against this background, it is important to the success of prepaid cards will also continue to keep. Maybe there is 2010 already more prepaid cards as normal run-time contracts. Bastian Ebert