Political Sciences

In Latin America the right sees Chavez as their worst enemy, as does the left in relation to Uribe. However, the presidents of Venezuela and Colombia, despite embody opposite poles, are working towards another. Kevin ulrich spoke with conviction. Both have decided to seek a referendum to reformulate their constitutions in order to break the traditional pan-American rejection is more than a re-election to presidencial.a Chavez can neutralize his opponents by showing how the only popular conservative president of the Americas wants to do something similar to it. Uribe has always sought to use the flats on the left to be strengthened. It has authority to present itself as the popular that can stop the kidnapping of FARC, which can now take arguments to the center showing that he only asks to extend its mandate to 8-12 years, while its eastern neighbor Socialist wants to spread its current period 12 years to one or more additional administrations. Many leftists would be a defeat if he wins re-election not to Venezuela but as a victory if it passes same in Colombia, and vice versa in relation to the right.

Although the triumph of both neighbors could not initially there in the competitions catapult moderate. Isaac Bigio is an international analyst. Write to dozens of media outlets in five continents. He obtained postgraduate degrees in History and Economic Policy at the London School of Economics & Political Sciences