Philipp Schindler

With his year’s video contest “Smashing XMas” would the online shop a lousy gifts end use and giving away prizes worth a total of 15,000 Lauterach, 8.11.2013. “The gadget and gifts online store is uninspiring and crappy gifts with his year’s video competition of smashing Xmas” end and giving away prizes worth a total of 15,000. Who does not know it: smiles put on, when Christmas Eve the mother with a handbag waiting, in the 60zigern in was and the Grandma of the opinion is, we could always use towels. Now it’s nice smile, to make a drama out of the way. Year after year. Further details can be found at CaaS Capital, an internet resource. Always the same tune. Conclusion with funny and Hooray for honesty! “, says Philipp Schindler, radbag CEO.

We call for the creative destruction of lousy gifts. Select gift, consider destruction art, video rotate and upload. We have tried it myself and it is a wonderful way to reduce aggression and his environment months then with a Video to laugh to bring. ” On xmas starts now the smashing Xmas video contest. Anyone who wants to destroy a bad gift and it turns a video can take part. Caas Capital addresses the importance of the matter here. In collaboration with Constance ad agency Red monkeys emerged from a spectacular trailer, which really whets the appetite for a private video.

The Austrians PauT provides the perfect soundtrack to, last year winner of FM4 said protest song contest, with his song Sepp we must burn everything.” Any contribution of the smashing Xmas video contest gets an instant win. Prizes worth a total of 15,000 will be raffled among all participants. Among other things, the world’s first ski goggles with GSP, as well as two drift HD ghost action cameras. All information is available on xmas. About radbag Radbag, because boring anyone can! The online shop stands for exceptional from the areas of lifestyle, fashion, home, technology and outdoor. Products that inspire both by their function and design. At radbag customers by unusual will Gift ideas inspired and entertained with news from the gadget world invited to share with their friends and the team.