Perfect Plumbing

Lucky owners of large apartments and houses have in them, of course, considerable bathrooms. Without a doubt, the size of bathrooms allow you to set a variety of types of today's plumbing – expensive mixers, acrylic bathtub, Jacuzzi, besides a large area allows us to establish a durable water-resistant furniture, specifically designed for bathrooms. The remaining 90% of people in Russia are too small in size baths. Bathroom in a normal apartment, despite its size, bears immense functional load. In addition to the mandatory plumbing: sinks, toilets, bathtubs, some landlords want a washing machine was also installed in the bathroom. Some tenants are so comfortable and convenient equips your bathroom, they do benefit from a modest space.

Rational interposition bath, shower, sink, faucet and bathroom furniture can get from one place to any required items. To another category of people a little space depressing, ceiling and bathroom wall under pressure, exert psychological pressure on brain. There is, and it is quite simple: it is necessary to become familiar with the special literature on the most important rules of the organization of space, the use of colors and various optical effects, and you can own small bathroom visually transformed into a bright, spacious room. Visually enlarge a small area of the bathroom will help you light considerable importance in the regeneration of the bathroom has a selection of lighting. Desirable if the lighting scheme will be conceived in the early stages of repair bathroom. To make a small space visually seemed more to be applied either reflected or scattered light, which gives the effect of soft and blurs sharp borders. It must be remembered that in addition to light, the effect of optical zoom area also offer glossy shiny cover, and making maximum use of the materials you are also visually increase the bathroom and make it more fair and transparent. Similar properties and have a mirrored surface, it is equally important to know that the mirrors need to be the most thorough attention.

Special attention should be given the right light ceramics: sinks, toilets, because otherwise, firstly, it can negatively affect the psychological state of the hosts, and secondly, the transparency effect disappears premises. Visually enlarge the space allows the sensitive use of color for small spaces should pick bright and warm colors. Of course you and be surprised to see how transformed a small bathroom room and how many more watched a compressed space. To increase the height of the bathroom, floor and plumbing for it to be dyed bright and lush colors – blue, orange. Attractive color plumber offers world-renowned supplier of faucets, sinks and bathrooms – the company Hansgrohe. Selecting the plumbing of the manufacturer, you will see how to animate your small bathroom, and what a significant role in increasing the space will play a bright bidets, urinals and other sanfayansovye products. Today, there are plenty of plumbers, which fit for any bathroom, and with the help of modern technology can maximize save a little space, creating the desired effect. Suspended glorified plumbing, for example, hanging the toilet or sink. Following an original way – setting the washing machine under the sink. In particular cases will be the best replacement for acrylic bathtub shower.