Requirements put up to the front door a lot. They should be – reliable, sturdy, durable, have good heat and sound insulating properties. If the door is outside, it must also harmonize with the facade of the building. Front doors are usually made of the following materials – plastics, glass, wood and metal. Usually installed before the wooden entrance doors. There are ways of making – wood paneled doors, panel doors and solid. Flush doors – easier to make, and of course cheap. They are made of two wooden slabs, coated with the front of a natural wood veneer, melamine, etc.

laminatinom With the strapping frame, these plates are fastened together, and so the design was more robust, set inside the bars between them, which would make the whole structure stronger. Paneled doors – too are based on a strapping frame, but instead of shields, use particle board or flat panels of plywood. Ennoble them one way or another (these panels are called panels). Strength depends directly on the door as panels installed in doors. The more – the stronger. The price of these doors is about the same as in the thyroid doors. Wooden front doors of the array – the doors have excellent properties. Such as – heat insulation, sound insulation, and proper handling of rugged and durable, well tolerate adverse atmospheric effects, etc.

But since this is a complex manufacturing process of wooden entrance doors array or array on a metal frame, the price of these doors is very high. These doors have the highest performance and long service life. To better protect your door, you can set the gain design. With the help of metal plates, door moldings and metal etc. The prices of these doors is much higher than that of the thyroid and paneled doors. This is a luxury design, which not only protects against external impacts, but they make the building more luxurious.

North American

Who already read the Shakespeare workmanship the Megera Domada? Nor it needs. You can have fun yourself with the brazen plagiarisms that already had been shown in the open canals of television as, for example, the North American film ' ' Ten things that I hate in voc' ' , or the novel ' ' global' ' ' ' The Cravo and the Rosa' '. Both the productions kill, more or less, faithful the essence of what it wanted to transmit, Shakespeare in its workmanship, that according to some historians could also be a plagiarism. ' ' The tram, relatively simple, would have been collected for Shakespeare of old stories of the tradition oral' ' *. It was custom of it to catch popular histories, or other known authors less, ' ' adapt-las' ' ' ' assin-las' ' , by Shakespeare, but this does not come to the case. In this Shakespeare workmanship it speaks of a maiden, Bianca, that it intends to be married, but for being the son youngest of the family, its father, it imposes as condition for its desposamento, first, the marriage of its older son, Catariana, ' ' the Megera' '.

Catariana, however if it imposes the will of the father. It does not want to be married, therefore she does not want to live under guardianship of a man. In this instant Petrucchio, a insolvent nobleman appears the search of a good marriage, that accepted the challenge of ' ' amansar' ' (to domar) fera e, then, to be married it. In the end, after submitting Catherine the series of disfaradas humilhaes it obtains what he intended. Tames it he transforms and it into a better wife who its sister, Bianca. As he can be noticed in this small synopsis. Catherine intends to be a woman not submissa to the current social standards of its time.

Google Search

In result you get the name of employees (or, sometimes, names and initials), title, and personal emails, and even with an indication of "freshness" of information received – by date of publication can be verified by what time are "footprints". The next and final step – the line search when the search string you can enter the information received "full name + email address", "name + position + name of the company." Not be superfluous to use more options for query and check again. This will give the candidate additional (sometimes unexpected) data to help decide whether to direct contact-treatment. Search in professional Communities Another version of the work on address search specialists in the network – professional and community forums, social networks, which has recently become so popular that many employers have formally closed there access for their employees, that does not prevent, however, they spend the evening there, resting and socializing. Community and forums – a great opportunity to get acquainted with potential candidates and learn about "how they think, even before the job offer. Informal format of communication has to frank statements and installation of direct contacts, but the popularity and attendance narrowly targeted group provides a large share the probability that your proposal will respond you need specialists in your area, because forums are regional and binding. They have a number of other advantages. For example, almost always have a special section for job postings, track stats, views and user activity (the number of posts).

Therefore, after evaluating the audience with greater efficiency can be used to accommodate any vacancy most discussed and fresh theme. The most popular communities and forums to look for a long time is not necessary. Yandex and Google for "community" and "catalog index" will issue you a list of the most popular. Held three to four times a detective work will give the necessary experience, and to further the process of finding the right contacts, employees will not take more than one and a half hours of working time, providing significant savings in resources..

Windows Live Hotmail

In recent decades the information management has revolutionized the world through the internet. They were three Duets for young people located in the same country during the same decade, but without knowing it, they noted the various problems encountered in the world of the database and wanted to give you solution. Google, Hotmail and Yahoo! three pillars which are kept even today revolutionized the database world. Each has its history, its characteristics, its functions, also its derivative emails: Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! They are three companies kept vying for the best technological service according to the needs of their customers and take the lead in this world. This competition has allowed to be improved one to another and give a last service. These three search engines Hotmail, Google and Yahoo! In a short time they have gathered millions of subscribers around the world and they same were embolsillado million dollars. They are three tools that have given us life in the network and have allowed communicate, obtain all kinds of information in a way easy, fast and above all free. For the creation of an email if what you want is to have more storage space to save all emails in an unlimited manner, because that is the feature of Yahoo!, while Google has a capacity of 7 GB, but for every 5 years add you 20 GB and 5 GB Windows Live Hotmail, but grows automatically.

Yahoo and Gmail are characterized by having a limit of 25 MB per message rather than Windows Live Hotmail that reaches 10 MB. Gmail is the only one that does not have expiration time by disuse, so you will never lose it since I believe it. The three are characterized by scan virus. So far only Gmail is characterized by tagging emails and the implementation of Ajax. Which of the three is better to create your email? Well it depends on the use that you give in your field of work, study or simply recreation. So it is in your hands the choice of mail that best suits your need.

The Fireplace

In modern living meet not only Bowls and coffee tables on wheels, tables and a tv stand for the cd, and computer desks on roller bearings, and mobile chairs, sofas and even large racks. Range of materials, used in the manufacture of furniture for living rooms, very wide. Thus, in the manufacture of furniture for living rooms commonly used modern particleboard, mdf and other plates with reliable coverage of natural veneer and polymers (Laminate and melamine). If resources permit, idf is better to prefer a more durable and environmentally friendly material. The most expensive material – natural wood (most common furniture veneer than solid wood). Thus, housing components, drawers and doors modular system can be decorated with veneer walnut, cherry (or covered with a thick layer of lacquer). Countertops and decorative dining tables, doors, cabinets and shelves, bookcases make of modern high-strength glass, which maintains not only a great weight, but blows.

Very fashionable "furniture" material is now metal. In chrome or brushed steel and aluminum can be made frames shelving, racks, tables, chairs and props – furniture in hi-tech style. In a small apartment living is often the more room and bedroom. In this case, the main piece of furniture is a sofa bed – it was he provides versatility room. If there is enough space, you should consider buying a "soft" set: usually, this sofa plus two armchairs, where you can comfortably have come guests and yourself to wallow.

Upholstery is made as of cloth (natural or synthetic), and from the skin. Naturally, the set of upholstered furniture, made in the skin, make your living is much presentable. As stuffing for upholstery use natural materials (horse hair, feathers) and their synthetic analogs (eg, foam). Style decision room is different – from classical to minimalist and in this part of your house allowed the most daring experiments with a combination of styles. If you often come to visit, when choosing a color drawing appropriate to use warm colors (red, orange, yellow), which create in the room elated. If the room is primarily a place of rest and relaxation, it is worth thinking about cold colors – blue, green, blue. By color can be divided into the living room into two parts: dining room made into fun, happy, bright colors, and place around the fireplace or tv – in the quiet cool, tuning on the relaxation. It is important to consider the system of lighting the living room. The top illumination should create a holiday atmosphere and a feeling of comfort presented with a variety of side lights. Pursuing furnishing the living room, comes not only from the etymology of the word, but from personal preference – there must be nice to be not only guests, but also the owners. And let the best features of your living will, the words "presentable, comfortable and convenient."


Who does not remember the film of Steven Spielberg, launched in 2002, covered with star one for Tom Cruise, Minority Report? The long one classified as scientific fiction showed incredible scenes for the spectators, at the time, as the identification for the Iris. The Iris is the colorful part of the eye and that she involves the pupil. The biometrico reader who recognizes the necessary Iris of an individual profile so that the verification is made successfully. The system finds the Iris of the user, finds its peculiarities and collates with the stored profile. The recognition for the Iris is less invasive, compared with the other methods of biomtrica identification and the interaction between user and system also is lesser. As the individuals possess different characteristics, the risk of frauds is lesser. this becomes the recognition for Iris one of the identification methods safest. With the basic participation of Ndia Albano Maria.

Chronic Souvenirs

HOMESICKNESS Already it makes much time that left, today, return to the old home. Exactly knowing that everything is changed: The time, the people; Many had left and others, I do not know what he happened. We have many pages in our book of the life. Some, blank, others crumpled up by the time – only pages with picture of many people who had passed in our life. I do not know if this happens with the people who are reading.

However, I feel lack of of my friends and friends, of the wonderful moments; I feel lack of my infancy, the innocent and faithful friendships; I feel lack of that meeting of family in year end. It can until seeming funny, more I I feel seriados lack of the drawings, films and: Hanna Barbera; Of the Club of the Mickey; Magaiver; Jaspion and others. How much they were creative and ingenious, of today they are you force and full of effect special, history does not exist – what valley is the technology;I feel lack to be in the wall of my grandmother waiting passes the salesman of: Cavaco-Chinese, taffy candy and of delicious ‘ ‘ couscous with bondade’ ‘. The only thing that I do not feel lack and not to feel lack. The life passes, and passes fast, so fast that the best things had been there behind. To me it passed and the only thing that I will be able to make is to remember, only, to remember.

French Population

The complete theory of Darwin was published in 1859, with the heading the origin of the species by means of the natural election. This book, that was more known only as the origin of the species, and of which if it said that ' ' it caused a commotion in mundo' ' , it was depleted in the first day of its publication and had been made six successive editions. Georges Louis Leclerc Buffon or conde of Buffon (1707-1788), French naturalist, author of one of first treated the global ones on history to not-based biology and geology in the Bible. Its main workmanship was natural History, work in 36 volumes published between 1749 and 1789. In it if it offers the first naturalistic version of the history of the Land, in which it appeals exclusively the empirical causes to explain the natural phenomena.

Georges Cuvier (1769-1832), French comparative anatomist, specialized in the reconstruction of fsseis and superior education. It defended the immutability of the species, affirming that the efficient drawing of each animal is the test of that this cannot be varied since its creation. Its great workmanship, the Animal Kingdom (1817), was considered basic in natural history of Great-Britain and France, until the publication, in 1859, of the Origin of the Species, Charles Darwin. Robert Malthus (1766-1834), economist and British demographer, its main contribution was the theory on the growth of the population. According to Malthus, when a superior increase of products to the one of the population happens, the growth tax is stimulated; when the population increases in relation to the food production, the growth is paralizado due to hunger, to the illnesses and the wars. The works of Malthus had stimulated the first systematic demographic studies. Its main workmanship is Essay on Population (Assay on the population).

The Relationship

By analyzing the interaction study of motor symptoms investigated the potential of persons with speech pathology, behavior, ways and possibilities of communication, and manifestation of consent disagreement, the relationship to the team and individuals. Watching people with speech pathology in various activities (including motor and speech), the researcher is studying the degree of activity, content and purpose of interaction in collective means of communication, limit the activities of the participants, their physical and socio-psychological barrier, likes and dislikes, the duration of the situation, the deviation from normal behavior in this situation. Rating – a method of estimation of indirect observation – is to study phenomena across diverse assessment of a person to observe it directly, sometimes for many years. Thus, the method of rating information can be get the patient from the attending physician, educator, parent, etc. The disadvantage is that the conclusions are based on subjective opinions, but then the observation of the researcher is also not devoid of subjectivity. The results of observations in ranking can be expressed in numerical terms, using various rating scales, which makes it possible to widely use mathematical tools for computing the data and analysis. The method of self-esteem can show the actual behavior of people with speech disorders and motor disorders, to identify potential motor, the degree of distortion of the speech and motor skills, the impact of these disorders on behavior, relationships with others, etc.

The method of paired comparisons provides a special technique, which consists in the fact that the comparison of social features and objects carried in pairs on the two existing series: if they are "equal" each other, there is unity, if any element has the advantage, then it is marked by two points. Object. inferior in terms of display quality, gets a zero. In the method of paired comparisons the basis of a the only characteristic of a person, such as state general motor skills.

Superior Studies

Dynamic page, very visited and which served also to support students in pursuit of their work, research on everything that involves management science. Unfortunately, the directive College does not value, scope and feel that their living expenses (a ridiculous sum of 25 000 Bs, for the time) was not feasible for the College, but if it is for parties, sporting competitions in the background are not conducive to the serious issues to be covered by the College in its academic, research, service. He also helped the College with the participation of teachers, students rated the development of many solutions to problems that the business sector in the region had and still maintains. Aspect, which unfortunately was abandoned, not taken very seriously by its leadership, and the opportunity that was extended through the Technological Institute of Superior Studies of Monterrey, Mexico to offer this master's degrees, graduate programs on-line exclusive for members of the College, opportunity squandered its president and board of directors, despite efforts to introduce ITESN authorities towards this project. Specifically, the Board of Trustees, if we are concerned that of Carabobo, has been marginalized by the reality that business demand, especially from professionals such as managers who can provide many solutions. It has not taken advantage of, or play its role in relation to the universities, though, have missed the offer, collaborative graduate program quality management and productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo, has been promised dynamic collaboration, not only with advice, training, training of these specialists, but to give them the opportunity to join him. They also offered assistance through their teachers to work together for the dissemination of current management topics that dominates modern economic scenarios successful stakeholders to enroll in the program, to integrate efforts for disclosure administrative science according to the Venezuelan reality through seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops, research. Unfortunately, such offers have not been considered lost a great opportunity towards the rescue of a college that today more than ever present great opportunities, if you really envision their directors, union members and intend to seize them.