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WiMax-Wikipdia, free encyclopedia 5.2 Advantages? It diminishes infrastructure costs of broad band for connection with the final user (last mile). It must have a great acceptance for users still more, following the Wi-Fi technology (IEEE 802,11) and diminishing the costs of the technology; It will make possible, according to specification, high data-communication taxes; It will make possible the creation of a net of covering of connection of similar Internet to the one of cellular covering, allowing access to the same Internet in movement; It exists ample support of the development and improvement of this technology on the part of the industry. 5.3Contras? In the tests currently carried through one revealed as great frustration how much to the transmission tax; Although the many initiatives and research, this technology still has a period of maturation to be reached; It can, in some countries, to have overlapping of use of frequency with some existing service already; In some countries the technology already was made impracticable had to one specific politics for protection of the capital investment (CAPEX), already carried through with licenses of the technology of mobile telephony UMTS. In the higher bands of frequency the interferences for rain exist limitations how much, causing reduction of taxes of transferences and the rays of covering. WiMax-Wikipdia, free encyclopedia 5.4 Wi-MAX availability uses permitted Rdio Freqncia (RF) specter, that supplies protection against not authorized accesses, in certain measure. Existemferramentas available that is of easy use for the jamming doespectro of planned Wi-MAX implementations.

Together with the physical layer, attacks denial of service, intruders can use management legacy frames to paradesligar legitimate connections of net. 6 CONCLUSION As the advance of the nets without-wire is a inescapvel reality. Some companies and institutions possess its bases wireless for connection delap-tops in local net. One expects that the Wi-Max technology starts the serincorporada one to notebooks and PDAs already in 2006. Some companies esteem that at2009 will have 4,4 million people using voice on Wi-Max. Brazil is dandoum important step when implanting the Wi-Max technology in Ouro Preto. Astecnologias without-wire can assist the country in the acceleration of inclusodigital projects, mainly in devoid regions of National Net of Ensinoe searches.

Natural Rubber – A Product Of The Future

The technology of production and processing of natural rubber invented before plastics were developed. Previously, natural rubber is obtained only in the countries of South America. Natural rubber production started in industrial scale by the mid 19 th century. Processing of natural rubber in the material used for technical purposes, was made possible in 1839 when an American scientist Goodyear laid the foundations for the process of vulcanization. Earlier, in 1827 British scientist Hitchcock found that natural rubber with proper machining loses a high viscosity and low processability. Softening process in the processing of rubber on rollers it is called mastication.

In the early 19 th century was opened Ebonite. The rapid development of technology led to extensive use of rubber in such fields as electrical engineering, as a great insulation. Developing automotive industry experienced a need for a rubber pneumatic tires. Constantly growing demand for automobile tires were subsequently transferred to the tires for airplanes. A special method of manufacture rubber compounds is to use a large percentage of natural rubber, kremnezita that delivers remarkable quality and level of consumer properties of the products. Formed in the late 20 century, the possibility of rubber production by synthesis, restricted the use of natural rubber. Synthetic rubber is a product of polymerization.

Used in the manufacture of tires as a substitute natural rubber or a mixture of them. In the following years the development of industrial and technological processes, thus making the synthesis of rubber on an industrial scale. Now expand resource base and further improvement of the most important feedstock for rubber production is one of the most important tasks. For many of the characteristics of synthetic rubber is not inferior to natural and even partially superior to him. It is produced in much larger quantities than natural.

Classic Curtains

There is a lot of technologies jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular ones. There is a lot of technologies jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular technologies nih.Suschestvuet lots jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular nih.Suschestvuet lots of jewelry boxes technologies to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular technologies nih.Suschestvuet lots jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and unnecessary sight.

Next, I will tell the most popular technologies nih.Suschestvuet lots jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular nih.Suschestvuet lot of technology decorating the windows for protection from bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular technologies nih.Suschestvuet lots jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular technologies nih.Suschestvuet lots jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular technologies nih.Suschestvuet lots jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular technologies nih.Suschestvuet lots jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell most popular nih.Suschestvuet lots of jewelry boxes technologies to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight.

Next, I will tell the most popular technologies nih.Suschestvuet lots of windows for decoration provide protection from bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular technologies nih.Suschestvuet lots jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular nih.Suschestvuet a lot of technologies jewelry boxes to provide protection against bright sunlight and extra sight. Next, I will tell the most popular ones.

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amiando, event management software for online event registration and ticketing today published the third social media & events report. Munich 14 August 2013 which report has established itself in recent years to a required reading for event organisers and is regarded as important source of information on the topic of social media in the event industry. So, both previous report were downloaded over 10,000 times each. Particularly interesting are the developments and trends of social media in the event industry, as well as the comparison of survey results by 2013 with the data of the previous year. In addition, the report contains valuable and easily actionable tips for the effective use of social networks, with whose help event organisers their marketing strategies on the Web can improve.

Free download: info.amiando.com/social-media-report-2013-DE of official Hashtag for Twitter: #SMER13 here just a few of the key facts that we could work out from the survey results: fact 1: social media is still an important marketing tool Organizer to reinforce measures in the marketing of events always still on social media. This is to derive that over 80% of the organizers this year want to exacerbate their social media activities. The most popular channels which are Facebook, Twitter, XING and LinkedIn. Fact 2: Trust in social media marketing the confidence in the potential of social media marketing has this year increased. Had in the year 2012 still three-quarters the organizers planned to expand its activities in the future, plan to intensify their efforts above 80% this year. A large part of the organizers, who have taken social media activities in the previous year, is pleased with the results.

Fact 3: Increase awareness of event as the main objective the main objectives of the social media activities are still the increase in awareness of the individual events and the entire brand. Achieved their goals here just under half (44%), which corresponds to a 76% stake in the operator to these objectives have used. Event organizers had the same objectives in 2012. About amiando, our mission is to provide, which helps them to achieve the greatest possible success for your event organisers with a professional platform. By the own online Ticketshop on specific event marketing to a secure payment processing amiando the best offers tools for a successful organization of the event. Worldwide more than 180,000 conferences, seminars and corporate events amiando already use. As industry expert, the amiando team supports you in all topics related to online ticketing and event registration. Amiando is a wholly owned subsidiary of XING AG and part of the business unit XING events since January 2011. The close linking of amiando and XING, the social network for professional contacts, event organizers have the ability to achieve in addition over 13 million potential subscribers worldwide.

Health Networks

More power at the physician network Spessart EC of Chairman Dr. Norbert Staab reported about the successful project internal network dates”more members. Thus, a better service and quicker appointments at the specialist provided the patients within the network. The project also contributes to the binding cooperation between House and medical specialists”the ENT specialist Staab said. The members agree that the medical care of main-Kinzig-Kreis in the future can be achieved only in close cooperation of all the medical care in the District of involved. Particular problems are the growing doctor shortage, but increasingly also the lack of specialist in this context. Thus, patients have some difficulties to find even a general practitioner already in some places.

It is also increasingly difficult for patients to get appointments with medical specialists in a timely manner. We are intensively and successfully addressed these problems “Dr. Ulrich Dehmer due to bad ORB. By learning about the doctors in the Circle one another, trust is created across the disciplines. This in turn facilitates the daily work.

We expect a further increase interest of colleagues to join our network. Especially because increasing the daily work, and some hardly space for other activities can be, do we need a local medical community of interest, the two Board members Dr. Eberhard Wetzel and Dr. Ulrich Dehmer declared compliant. In addition, the interests of participating doctors can be better represented than would be possible alone in a strong community. In a next step, the doctor network about the own professional group want to cooperate, more with other professions, such as maintaining or therapists. We must ourselves more interdisciplinary on and be active beyond the traditional sector boundaries,”emphasizes Edmund Frohlich, who is charged with his consulting company cheerful Management GmbH (www.froehlich-management.de) with the management of the network. Only in this way can in the next few years, demographic change in health care in the country be mastered. These also are the conditions, to obtain a financial support from the outside, unless by the physicians Association (KV) or the public sector. The successful training for aspiring general practitioners, which was established together with the district hospitals and the House Medical Association and where more than ten young doctors and doctors have found their way into the district is at the core of the reflections. You can also connect on the analyses and proposals of the action programme for the municipal services of general interest (MORO), which Edmund Frohlich for the physician network has regional actively participated in Spessart.


pasted wallpaper quickly and easily. any particular pattern they have (Sawdust, you know, scattered randomly), so the land can not adjust. Sticker, paint and remove wallpaper 1. Apply the adhesive (After applying glue to the wallpaper you need to wait 10 minutes 'overexposed' canvas can be melted so that the glue is simply nothing) 2. Impose leaf wallpaper 3.

Presses the roller 4. Cut the edge with a spatula and a knife 5. Subsequent sheets are pasted back to back 6. Places with a sharp knife cut the overlay 7. Apply the paint paint roller 8. Remove wallpaper dry without residue 9. Desktop dual-layer on the relief of most collections is embossed.

First, glue two sheets of paper, then the resulting fabric is rolled between two rollers. At one of the rollers is made a convex drawing, on the other, on the contrary, the figure pressed into the roller. Clearly, when the paper is rolled on the future wallpaper pattern is pressed. If you choose wallpaper for painting then consider some special features. First, the flip side wallpaper paintings are not smooth, and the same relief as the front. Therefore, the wrong side to how to lubricate the glue. Secondly, this type of wallpaper necessarily required rapport – fit the edges. & Nbsp3. Sandwich Wallpaper – rather, it is modification of the bilayer. The third layer is glued to the already held together by two layers, as if he strengthens the stamping. In addition, these wallpapers stick is much easier: the back side, just because of the third layer is smooth. Therefore, the adhesive will be better absorbed. But the wall must be perfectly aligned. So if there's one place had a wall putty, you will have to walk across the surface of the filler. How to smooth wallpaper? In order to avoid air bubbles walk the special wallpaper brush, holding it down on the wall.

Internet Video Marketing

Why is it important to Videos on the Internet and Internet Marketing tool. We carry out this article on Marketing with videos with some delay because of this boom really marketing technique emerged in late 2008 and continued its growth and consolidation over the past year. This year there seems to be less and got the High Definition (HD) to capture the video portals on the Net Why we should pay attention to marketing with videos? It is well known the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”, this will translate in the videos that convey confidence and credibility to those who visit us. With a view to establishing a business relationship as well as customers or business partners will always be better perception of the person we have been presenting a product, service or business opportunity. If you’re not making videos, your competitors will do it and succeed if leave to one side. This does not mean we should abandon the other media writings that we have been using so far, but it is necessary that we use in conjunction with other strategies. The next point I want to play is the one who almost everyone refers when it comes to making videos.

“I do not go on camera,” Sound familiar?, Is one of the excuses that the vast majority puts a barrier between doing and not doing with video marketing. And although it is not necessary to come out in, (there are other ways to share your videos), is highly recommended. A video should not be a film for an award “Oscar” thou shalt not have a camera with high performance, or required to have advanced knowledge of image and sound. Is that just talk and express yourself naturally as you do normally, addressing the topic of your choice for this. Chema, and all those that we had our first time, and look, here we are gaining positions of influence, known to us who are interested in our products or services more personal and eliminating the “cold” that has a simple web page, email or article.

But best of all, to inspire confidence and credibility, and trust me that in business on the Internet is paramount. When the Internet boom began in the mid-90s, had a sentence saying “If you have no website does not exist.” Today it is changing for this one. “If you do Internet videos do not exist.” On the technical side, as I said above is not necessary to be a professional recording and editing. Today all computers bring your operating system integrated into a small editing program, in case of Windows Movie Maker, or Mac Ilife’09 Both very simple to use, with help in Spanish and sufficient to introduce the Marketing with Videos on the Internet. Even during the last quarter of 2009, YouTube, the online video platform for excellence, has added functionality to your creations holder without additional software. Another important point to consider for implementation of Internet marketing is the optimization of all the work for which this is effective. If we make a home video, home, for friends and acquaintances is possible that just as you customize, but when you try this video has a specific audience and want to be seen by more people should keep in mind certain details as title, description, keywords, tools that will facilitate the work of distribution of your videos … among others.

Social Network

New portal of the Fraunhofer initiative connects teachers and creates new learning opportunities what’s new from the Roberta network? Where can I get materials for the courses of my robot? And who helps me with the lesson preparation? Get answers to these and many other questions teacher “and” coaches “of the Fraunhofer initiative” Roberta learning with robots from now in direct contact with the teacher network and the team of the Fraunhofer Institute for intelligent analysis and information systems IAIS. The new Internet portal features in the sense of a social network for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and teaching and learning. This simplifies the access to the great Roberta community and to support cooperation among teachers in the Roberta network. The development of the portal was promoted by the Fraunhofer Academy. Teachers put into throughout Germany Roberta concept successfully into the Schulunterreicht children with the programming of LEGO-robots playful for. Natural sciences and technology to inspire. It is important to teach students technical content exciting experiments and steadily develop teaching through the exchange of experience with other teachers.

To the participants of Roberta network in the future even better with each other network and exchanging content for teaching with Roberta, the Fraunhofer IAIS has provided portal now his Roberta-on new, interactive legs. The Roberta teacher get in the new portal not only a more extensive care and provision of teaching materials, but can support each other “, says Thorsten Leimbach, project manager of Roberta initiative at the Fraunhofer IAIS. The new community features of the portal make this possible: In Forum can be replaced the teachers experience and to give tips to carry out training. And acute questions and problems, they quickly find answers in the FAQ. The community is a central component of the portal, emphasizes. Leimbach. Strengthens the community of Roberta network and makes visible, all actors so that the right person is always quickly found and directly accessible.

The Actions

The social relations if become pedagogical relations and our next step is to try to relate them with the communicative action. The communicative action in the pedagogical relations the language co-ordinates communicative activities since that it can validate a symmetrical combination between the interaction, cognition and the knowledge, propitiating not only the linking between professors, pupils or same between schools. In the communicative interaction, the language is the mediating of the actions human beings whom if they transform into social relations. The use of the language in the social conviviality constructs the rational quarrel, a time that the interpersonal interactions can be deepened through the rational dialogue. Habermas (1996) says that the language is the instrument that bases the reason on the social relations, in the lived world, the culture, the habits, then, the reason is in the language, the subjective relation where it makes possible that the citizen shows its reason for the other, thus constructs communicative reason to it. The communicative reason establishes the value due of the individual being, the individual reason or group in the joint of the conscientious relations and that the social interferences are transmitted for these relations. In this manner, we see that cultural the globalization massifica habits and generate cultural massificao causing loss of identity, a time that the cultural imposition changes back the world lived for the social individuals. The language, in this conflict, is reached, therefore the world leaves of being recognized for the individual what it becomes stranger to articulate daily experiences with an other people’s culture.

To standardize the culture, colonizing the lived world to cast different cultures in the same context suppresses original cultural models in vestiges. According to Arago (1997), the language has as functions to promote the agreement mutual, to allow the coordination of the actions and to promote the socialization. The language if develops in the interior of a culture that knowing of a community withholds, its tradition; being thus, socialized individuals acquire models for the social conviviality.

Radmin Server

Famatech has the new version 2.3 of the free network scanner advanced IP scanner on the market brought Famatech, the developer of popular remote control programs, report the appearance of a new version of their free network scanner advanced IP scanner. A new version of the fast, easy to use and reliable network scanner for Windows, which advanced IP scanner 2.3, is published. The scan program enables the collection of information about the computers and folders shared devices on your network, as well as access to different resources over HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or sharing. Thanks to the integration of the Radmin remote access software locates the advanced IP scanner all computers, on which Radmin Server is running, and establishes a connection with the click of a mouse to each of these. Computers can also help remotely high- and shut down. The advanced IP scanner 2.3 additional functions obtained, through the work of system administrators in managing local networks will be easier: it is now possible to scan RDP resources to be accessed directly from the program on it and run on a selected computer ping, tracert, and SSH commands. Also, the program can now be called without manual installation directly from the installation program. To download the new advanced IP scanner 2.3 and to learn more about him, please visit us at: de / Famatech founded in 1999 Famatech today is one of the world’s leading developer of remote control programs for managing servers and personal computers.

The award-winning technical developments from the House of Famatech allow computer professionals providing quick and high-quality help, user support and network administration from afar. Radmin is the most popular product of Famatech. The advanced IP scanner is being developed since 2006. Each new version is strictly tested by beta testers around the globe. Any suggestions for the improvement of the product are taken into account. Through the integration of Radmin is not only the functionality of Advanced IP considerably extended, it also helps, to make life easier for system administrators. Famatech software be used except for leading technology companies in the world such as IBM, Sony, Nokia, HP, Siemens and Samsung among large telecommunications service providers, government agencies and financial institutions.