(semantic memory). The procedural memory involves skills that will be used automatically, without thinking. These include in particular motor sequences (cycling, swimming, dancing, skiing, etc.). Procedural memory content obtained through implicit learning, semantic through explicit learning. Source:, excerpt our 4-dimensional, parallel working, brain consolidated daily in dreams all existing with the new information.

These are together classified in topics (node) (compressed, combined) or also gradually forgotten. Greater experiences become emotional about our limbic system more thoroughly linked (more about this in my communication seminar). We have to do it with two life situations: Selbstbezogen: we want something or have a problem. Externally: We are in an inter-re-action. Here the treatment helps first soliloquy (prayer).

This prevents forgetting once. Also, gradually important is separated from the unimportant. Later I can create two different files. In the Transpersonal communication I can verbally stations with words: text and digits non-verbally and with my hands write, draw or model. I am understood better and faster. Since our birth and we are increasingly genetically mentally sociologically determined. We are no blank at birth! First of all, we are marked by actions and feelings. Later to taking by logical influences. Thus, our personality, our self is formed. From the we (MutterKind) to the me and you. Our natural Western brain works with the and logic. The nature and the Asians see the world through the and logic: the whole and the parts. Our sozialisiertes brain works as you know in a pro-contra duality of contrasts of true perception. In the Western or logic patterns: good or evil: F, ethics (natural) > morals (cultures) true or false: D correctly or incorrectly: the brain responds to H abundance of lack of, chiaroscuro, motion rest, loud soft, on both levels of logic (and, or): where something is missing, it adds itself something to… Where too much is it pulls something…