Mexico City

One of the face-to-face sessions I remember particularly is that in which tears overflowed despite efforts to contain it, was painful, but of great clarity, not is that step, instead of going to cry out, took me to the depths of me, with clarity and stunning conscience, I could touch the chaos that I was drowningthe discouragement, the profound despair that you had, the longing of the ineffable that was about to leave, the moral weariness that could no longer sustain, so big, soft and simple relief that impressed me, was taken with that crying wasn’t a cathartic moment, those know them perfectly, was healing, and I thank infinite, now that I recall itI can feel, almost touching, the peace and love that filled that void that made consciousness of what was happening in me, it is as if everything that there had been trasmutado. I repeat, every face-to-face meeting, for me has been amazing; particularly in expertise, resistances, players them, attachments, constraints, they are tangible, I can feel like they are frozen, are like scabs that it could not remove, and at every meeting I could see, feel, as it is disrupting, crumble, sometimes tumbling and are no longer, there have been occasions that upon returning to Mexico City, commenting with Marce theory givenThere are parts that I simply do not remember, however, I am inwardly very rested in peace, with new vigor to continue something in the vision of the reality changes, and something breaks, not explain it but for example, there is no routine in reality, nothing is monotonous, auque continue in activities, learning is fluid and constant, before this happened before an extraordinary event which broke with routine, now not, now kept and feeds it each classroom session. At the beginning I It distressed feel that he had not understood the theory, which had not made good Notepad by attending what was said, by having no teaching experience, these were a few of those players that you mention and they brought a large queue, already not me anguish, I would, I live and I let things happen, I feel with great openness and calm, with equanimity. .