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What is better, realistic graphics, detailed environments and complex game systems or simple graphics, colorful environments and intuitive game modes? For years, players have asked these questions and have engaged in discussions that may not reach a definitive conclusion. Of course, the three consoles have their strengths: Xbox 360 has the best game system online and a few years cost best PlayStation 3; PlayStation 3 plays movies in format Blu-ray for awhile you could be installed the Linux operating system; Wii became fashionable controls with motion sensor. The biggest advantage of Xbox 360 was Xbox Live, but PlayStation 3 borrowed some ideas as the trophies-based scoring system and improved others, how to create PlayStation Plus, online service premium that provides free games. Wii has no player cards, but has a service of free game online that is more than enough. The debate remains open, but if sales were an argument to use, the best console It would be Wii. No matter that Xbox 360 is gaining ground in the United States and that PlayStation 3 has led the tables in Japan, the Nintendo console remains the best selling of the three. Despite the fact that each console has its own, it seems that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 copied the elements that led to the success Wii: Xbox 360 has avatars are conveniently similar to Miis and Kinect, its motion sensor; PS3 has its weather forecast and its PlayStation Move, command that even has a shape very similar to the Wii Remote, even your navigation control resembles a Nunchuck. Now, Nintendo must seek ways to differentiate itself from its competitors if it wants to remain at the forefront of sales. See more detailed opinions by reading what Max Schireson offers on the topic.. Nintendo Wii Remote Plus (blue) Battle4.