Kerstin Thierfelder

The remaining vitamin D produces the body itself, if he is sufficiently exposed to natural sunlight. The possibilities to fall in our latitudes in the autumn and winter, because who goes for a walk really regularly long in the open air, when it is cold out jingling? Therefore, it is anyway useful to help the vitamin-D budget on the cracks in the current season with special preparations in Germany. Women frequently develop osteoporosis after menopause. But, you can determine your individual risk according to a simple rule of thumb. “Kerstin Thierfelder recommends: If the body weight in kilograms is lower than the age, people over 50 with your doctor about osteoporosis should talk.” The doctor performs a in case of doubt Bone density measurement by.

While osteoporosis has been diagnosed who should take necessarily calcium medication. Who do not tolerate milk products, also. In addition, especially one helps against and osteoporosis: plenty of exercise! Even if you don’t go for a walk want or can, should you move from a young age on a lot. As you know, the regular training of the muscle-bone apparatus is the best guarantee for strong bones. That should and should not be missed just then, if there are already chronic pain through the loss of bone mass. In this case, the training program is easy to adapt the physical possibilities. Here is for example the especially gentle backstroke.

In worse cases, experts recommend the targeted building and the strengthening of the back muscles in a back school. Although the osteoporosis so for individuals can be dangerous, it can be prevented so in principle with simple means. And also the treatment is possible, if the disease in a timely manner is recognized. The EU mail-order pharmacy headquartered in Cottbus, belongs to the leading online mail-order pharmacies in Germany. Under the umbrella of the in the three different mail-order pharmacies may purchase a, and and use many different health services. Currently, around a million customers are served. Press contact: Team ProKonzept Dr. Thorsten Michel phone + 49 2173 49963-20