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The educational technology does not intend to impose itself as the pedagogical instrument par excellence, exactly because no way is capable, separately, of if becoming efficient for all the intentions of education. RISKS OF the TECNOLGIA FOR the PUPIL With all the technology offered for the market as well as the incorporation of these technologies in the schools, is of extreme importance that if observes as it is being used for our pupils, having as example the Internet is necessary that if it has devices that they guarantee that lesser the obsceno contents do not have access, infantile pornography and other contents inapropriados they. Thus, the educational establishments need to adopt filters, being aimed at to prevent the contact of the pupils with such materials. In the same way that it is a great net that offers benefits, it also it can bring many curses, then it is very important to know what is having access so that it does not have none problem. BMC has many thoughts on the issue. The pertaining to school group must have care, therefore the children many times do not have the minimum notion of what they can cause. Then the best thing is to alert so that they do not enter in unsafe sites. Under most conditions Michael Steinhardt would agree.

It has a necessity of the incorporation of technology in the schools, plus this new challenge must I came followed of responsibilities on the part of the educator, who will have to work in set with the direction and excessively collaborating of the school. BENEFITS OF the TECHNOLOGY the allied technology the able professionals improves the income and the performance of the pupils, the pupil today has sources of much more advanced research where it can have access to the contents. It is of extreme importance that the institutions take the technologies for the pupils. The students are accustomed with the expositivas lessons and the different one attracts making with that if it has one better income.