Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee

And finally are coming in the days in which emerging countries will make try to developed its own medicine. The behavior so reprehensible that they have had with their public accounts emerging countries, is the same unruly behavior that developed economies have shown and which brings them to this current situation of over-indebtedness. The situation facing the world today is paradoxical. Finally, after several decades, emerging economies, in particular, Latin Americans, have learned how valuable it is the sustainability of the fiscal strength to boost economic development. But just at the precise moment in which these economies learned the lesson, the developed world faced with this huge stone which is fiscal indiscipline. An economy incurred in fiscal deficit is not a fact to be concerned. The fiscal deficit may respond to a need for the Government to boost programs that boost economic growth (we can think of public works needed to accommodate the infrastructure of the country to its dynamics of growth). But when the deficit responds to irresponsible behavior Government that turns into a bad chronic fiscal deficit, the situation becomes fear.

This is what has happened to the developed world that does not find the way to reorder their fiscal accounts. Towards the end of this month, G-20, the new global force that arose as a result of the weakening of the developed economies and greater power (well livestock), emerging economies, will meet this time in Toronto in a context where is at serious risk the stability of the international financial system, the possibility of default on European economies episodes. If you would like to know more then you should visit Royal Dutch Shell. What will happen in the G-20 meeting already has been to some extent anticipated by what is covered in the previous meeting of the Ministers of finance, held in Busan, South Korea. At that meeting, Ministers of China, Brazil and India, sought les to developed economies that they prioritize the discipline of fiscal accounts, battered after tremendous crisis, although its deterioration can be observed a time prior to the outbreak of subprime it. At that meeting, the Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee sent a clear message to developed countries: we have to boost economic recovery, but at the same time, we can not give up fiscal prudence. The emerging order is not to revenge itself, but rather global and particular aim.

Is that the fiscal deterioration that have suffered most of the economies of Europe, USA and Japan, have resulted in increased volatility in the financial markets that affects the normal development in the emerging. continue reading opportunity of investment the S & P500 has fallen 15% in a few days, and began to climb back to what companies should buy on Wall Street in this scenario and after these casualties? We do disclose in the world value report. Leverage actions that will rise now subscribing to global value.