Improper Education

Today, education is a sector that is not moving at the same speed as the labor sector, which every day gives rise to new jobs that require training which in many cases is not accessible for very exclusive malls outside of the reach of the vast majority of the population. There are many professionals in the field of computer science that lack appropriate training simply to the creation of web pages without the mobility and simplicity that so often require casual users, much less for the creation of an on-line shop whose contracts are requested on many occasions to companies in other countries. This is one of the reasons for the delay in the Boom of the internet usage in Spain for our most common tasks, is by this lack of training that people still suspicious of payment over the internet, as well as companies in Spain do not feel the need of a web positioning whose benefits are widely known by companies from other countries. In many cases it is the lack of confidence that give great pages Prestige out of Dun, for example, that because of a bad page, complicating or misleading visitors, structuring do not give the information that the user searches or simply users are not able to find that information. This would be avoided with better management of academic courses, making them something much more concrete in the subject in which the student is interested, improving their future professional performance and giving the teacher the possibility for a more competitive future.