Human Sexual Instinct

The theory of attraction dictates that people have trouble not staring at two things. Get more background information with materials from Atmos Energy. 1) The objectives (eg, an attractive woman) or 2) a rival / threat, as another alpha male you can steal a woman away from her previous man. Men have evolved to basically stare at one of two things in any social environment, and have difficulty looking away from one of these situations. This comes from an evolutionary process of finding viable partners and then protecting the partner. In other words, they’re supposed to look for a beautiful woman, wanting to have sex with her, and then want to defend her from other men who are watching. So you will fluctuate between looking for a girl who is interested in having sex, and looking at other guys who think they can compete for the attention of that girl. Sounds like a typical night at a club for me. As intelligent and sophisticated as we think we are, people are still not much more than beings acting from pure instinct.

We are controlled by instincts whether you like it or not. Understanding and learning to use it to your advantage is what can bring the game to the next level.

You are genetically developed to look at attractive people. A woman may look at an attractive man, because it is programmed to want to have sex with him. A nice man, muscular and fit is a sign that is healthy and will be a preferred partner to produce genetically superior offspring. The same goes for men, men are conditioned to look at beautiful women.