History Athens

Dorian Invasion of the tribes in the 12th century BC ended the era of the Minoan civilization in southern Greece. In 1066, BC Doric tribes entered the territory of Attica. According to legend, the inhabitants of Athens, led by their king Codru fought bravely against the invasion Dorian tribes, and were able to defend its independence. Codri was the last king of Athens. After his death, residents were unable to find a decent man who would become king after Kodra city. In those years the population of Athens was divided into three social classes: evpatridy (aristocratic landowners), the peasants and artisans.

Place the king of Athens was elected for life is one of the aristocrats (Archon), in addition, drafting laws for the society took up a council of elders. A royal power has been reduced to the organization of ritual sacrifices. Thus, gradually replaced the dying of royal power in Athens came to power aristocratic landowners. Michael Wirth is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In the 7th century BC Athens was host of social and political change. In 594 BC Athenian archon Solon made the first attempt to democratize society by putting into effect its code of laws.

I must say that the code of Solon was not the first. Prior to that in Athens there was a written code of laws which had been compiled Dragon. However, the Code of the Dragon represented the interests only of major landowners. Thus, in the Code of the Dragon for the theft of property of a noble inhabitant of the death penalty in not depending on the size of the stolen. (Incidentally, the expression of the dragon's action comes from the Dragon Code.) The Code also Solon expressed not only the interests of large landowners, but also ordinary citizens of Athens. During the life of Solon to power in Athens came Peisistratos tyrant. Peisistratos sought to enlist the support of the masses by giving away land areas and carrying out public works on the improvement of the city. Peisistratos paid much attention to the development of Arts and Sciences in Athens. It was during his Athens have developed a strong and a Greek polis.