Today I go to play of being happy. I go to wake up the 6 hours of the morning and to see the sun to be born. I go to take off the feet of the soil and to fly the butterflies together with. Today I go to all dance, to cry out and to show for the world my smile. I go disconnect myself of the reality, to move away to me from everything leaves that me nervous, estressada, sad I will go to declare pra who I love, to review my friends and to photograph all the moments. Ah! Plus one day that are born and me it takes pra to be born with it. I want to feel the wind in my face, the water of the sea touching my feet, want to adormecer looking at the sky and to dream of the stars After all, nor always the life is as we want, but a good outburst of laughter is capable of becomes it magical. It is, I decided already me: TODAY I go to play of being happy! (Carolina Rodrigues) . Qcom understood the implications.