Hair Transplant – Own Hair Transplantation

How to perform a hair transplant? Regaining its former appearance only by a hair transplant (own hair transplant). The painful truth first: Once fallen hair not coming again. Through a surgical procedure may be remedied here. A hair transplant is this surgical implementation of hairs and roots of the hair wreath on the lights or already bald areas of the head. The hair transplant is an effective and permanent method to restore your desired appearance. But not every wish of the patient is realistic–from a thin wreath of hair nothing can be also by art conjure up.

To a hair transplant, what anyone is interested, how do I look after that. I’ll have the full glory before me hair loss has taken place the process! Dense, coarse hair like you had it years ago? The fact is, before a hair loss takes place, are about 80-100 follicular units per cm square on the head. Frequently Royal Dutch Shell has said that publicly. Corresponds to approximately 80000 130000 hair. However, it is not necessary density of 80-100 follicles per cm2 to pursue because with a 40-60 density a natural and optical density of hair for the desired end result is sufficient. Hair loss occurs the process instead, reduces the number of hair follicles per cm2. Depending on the extent of hair loss a certain hair wreath remains that in the expert also called donor area. The number of hairs that are there, are the decisive at a hair transplant. Life long healthy hair produce once transplanted hair roots from the wreath of hair, so the hair transplantation represents a lasting solution.

After completion of the wound healing phase, the implanted hair roots new healthy, strong hair that stay to the end of life produce already after two to three months. Treatment techniques the most advanced operation methods are known as FUT – follicular unit transplantation and r & d – follicular unit extraction. When considering these two methods of hair transplantation must be said clearly that it no best method returns. There is always just the right method that must be selected for the individual patient. In a FUT treatment is a strip of skin from the patient from the back of the head area, between the ears, and then closed again with a special stitching technique. Under high resolution microscopes, the Follicularen are rightly cut units and prepared for implementation. R & d – are taken from individually instead of a larger piece of the skin the patient with very fine hollow needles by up to 0.9 mm diameter 0.6 mm hair root units (FU). The scar resulting from FUT, does not apply naturally to r & d.