Guardiola Joy

Again and again the disciples of Terry overcame the stake while Ivorian Drogba joined forces with French Malouda and Anelka for Victor Valdes began to be decisive in the subsequent final development. Where this the Etoo? Do you play Messi? A Alves focus you have forgotten your card carries after suspension. Xavi and Iniesta are smaller than ever. Puyol rubs his face in gradasa Only Yaya Toure and former zaragocista Pique seem that keep the guy. Possession is overwhelmingly in favor of the counterattack begins cules.Pero preocupar.Abidal lets us that if there is traced, be epic A Guardiola, in his short little coaching experience and comes great match and so graphic chat Guss Hiddink for a moment as if they were student and disciple. The party has gone mad and the clock is enormea looks like the bird as our beer and cigarettes rush the bar is big and we small.

There is not time and a smile in sight to appease their own reality. The May 6 because I remember when some of our football dreams were lost in a smoky bar that was growing larger every moment, we jump with joy and excitement when the display of flat screen TV that we saw our hero born a town of Albacete splicing to the network of Peter Cech all the rage we had if he had finished the match. And jump over and over again while on the premises became smoke coming out of us adrenaline. And Andres Iniesta took off the shirt at the same time all the players of Barcelona runaway ran like the coaching staff because we have done so if we had been on May 6 in Stamford Bridge. Then she took off the shirt of rage and joy and not to provoke or displayed as do others, if not to see that our local hero does not look muscular but class and elegance. And now we can enjoy the days before a Champions League final and win it or not will be difficult and unpredictable. But for now I am left with this day that jump for joy while forgetting for a moment that other ghost Pachi-called crisis and of course forgetting that the next day would have to continue to work morning and evening without the fast food intake will experience improvement.