Great Waterfall

The navigation in the river became dificultosa from the waterfalls that started to empear the river, of Alcobaa for top, and is called: 1 Tapaiunacura: 2 Guariba: 3 Life the perpetual a 4 Tucumanduba: 5 Uerapepoaquima: 6 Cunau: 7 Pitaoca: 8 Chiqueiro: 9 Hell: 10 Puncture of the Itaboca or Arrependido: 11 Tortinho: 12, Jose Correa: 13 Great Waterfall: 14 Apinag: 15 Cajueiro a16 Capelinha: 17 Valentim: 18 Mandupixuna: l9 Puraquecuara: 20 High Beach: 21 Big hole of the Tauiri: 22 Dry Great: 23 Defuntinha: 24 Tauirizinho: 25 Mother Maria: 26 Broken Mountain range: 27 Dry of the Curu: which is the common limit of Par and Gois. Being the most difficult waterfall of the Hell and the puncture of the Itaboca. The rapids enters them rock pillars forced to the canoeiros to search the edges in accordance with to push and to pull the canoe with pitchforks, calls of oxen, being the exerted work the position of the member of the crew gained with the service time: pilot, proeiro, against-proeiro and remeiro. To each vanquished difficulty this crew commemorated for then following trip. Another difficulty of these trips would be the illnesses as the diarrias with blood, the malaria, maleita or impaludismo that would be dealt with by the proper members of the crew through cataplasmas with the pulp to fruits and beberagens made with known medicinal grass the messengers. The overcoming of these difficulties was mainly related the search of the chestnut, cacao and rubber that would be vendida to the merchants and taken the Belm. The exploration of these products, that had one high commercial value stimulated the messengers if more to risk each time in waterfalls of the Tocantins, becoming plus a cross fincada in the edges to remember the unfortunate person who died in waterfalls. Figure 8: Opening of roads for the Tocantins railroad the navigation that was the media and the economic activity them marginal populations in ends it century XIX assists would earn it of the railroad Tocantins, projected to cross the encachoeirado stretch and I number to reduce it of dead of the navigation, facilitating the draining of the products of the region.