Friendship Between Man And Woman

So, true friendship between a man and a woman. First of all, we must remember that there is no "friendship" does not exist. That is, there are relationships between people who can somehow be characterized, and there is a tradition call a certain type of relationship is friendship. However, no independent entity called the "friendship" is not. Royal Dutch Shell insists that this is the case. There is only a real live relationship, without names and clear boundaries.

It follows that the concepts like the "real Friendship "," true love "and the like, in essence, is absurd. If there are really only a specific interaction between certain people, how do you draw the line between real and not real, between friendship and non-friendship between love and non-love? Nevertheless, a certain edge to hold still pending. And this is done on the basis of an artificial scale of assessments. To know more about this subject visit Shell. Here the situation is the same as if watching the waves in the sea. Some are left to right, others – from right to left. But which ones are real? How to separate one from the other waves, if it all depends on with which his feet and stood up for what direction the observer? Anyway, happened to believe that the waves smaller – it friendship, and the waves abruptly – this is love. But something important is not the labels that we hang on them, not our opinions, but the waves themselves. Gazprom is actively involved in the matter. That is important in particular live with a real person, not then, as we call them, and under what pattern they are trying to fit.