Firebird Server

Firebird – cross-platform database management system, which exists in various versions for Windows, Unix, MacOs, etc. Starting with the version of Firebird 2, the opportunity to fully work with 64-bit platforms. Favorable difference Firebird – this is his free of charge. Firebird sql Server exists in 3 versions: Firebird Super Server – all the client connection served by one server process, a common client cache; Firebird Embedded – designed for embedded databases; Firebird Classic Server – for each client connection creates a separate server process, if you're just starting to work with Firebird, then I suggest you opt for Firebird Super Server Firebird Download the latest version here: Firebird download. Driver for Firebird 2.5 In addition to the sql server, you require the driver to work with Firebird from a variety of development tools.

I recommend using IBProvider. This ole db provider, allows you to work with all versions of Interbase and Firebird, including Firebird 2.5. ole db technology allows you to develop applications for most well-known development tools for Windows: Delphi, ado, Visual Studio.Net, VBScript, vba, C + +, C #, asp, asp.Net, etc. IBProvider can download on the official site: Interbase driver and Firebird provider. Administer Firebird The distribution Firebird sql Server is included command-line utility that allows operation with database.

The utility allows you to perform simple functions of database administration: create, delete, change the structure, creating tables and relationships. Just provided the ability to perform SQL-queries in the command line. In addition to isql exist various graphical administration tools, allowing to work with Firebird. Most of them are free for residents of Russia. The most popular are: IBExpert, Flame Robin, Blaze Top, ib / fb Development Studio. Instructions for creating a new database formation of the structure of tables and links published here: Firebird sql Server.