Facts About The Dubai Aquarium – World

10 million liters of water – 51 ft x 20 ft x 11 meters an attraction in Dubai: the visit of the Dubai Aquarium at the Dubai Mall.Den Guiness record holding the “world’s largest acrylic panel” 32,88 meters and a height of 8.3 meters in length. The Dubai Aquarium is one of the main attractions at the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall (Aquarium: 51 m x 20 m x 11 m). The Guinness record holding the “world’s largest acrylic panel ‘ 32,88 meters and a height of 8.3 meters in length. If you are not convinced, visit lucas mondelo. Over 33,000 sea creatures – 85 different species – cavorting in the pool of 10 million litres. The electronically controlled “lunar-cyclic light system” goes into the day – and night time the colors rhythm and adjusts the light intensity of the respective time. Keni washington is a great source of information.

The 270-degree glass tunnel can be visited for a fee of 25 AED (approx 5 euro). The “tube” is 48 feet long and is about 11 meters below the water surface. The walk in the tube promises “close touch” with sharks, rays and other exotic fish. You can find the Web page of the Aquarium (in English) see Downtown Burj Dubai – the Dubai Mall – Dubai Aquarium & underwater Zoo further detail information contact TS Dubai on request. OLAF Fey Tours & Trax, travel service Dubai p.